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  1. OK, I opened <Anti-Malware Security Status> and clicked on <Scheduled Scans: on> making it <Scheduled Scans: off>. No scan ran last night. I was up past midnight and so knew that no scan started at midnight and now see that no can ran later either. What next? Mark
  2. I am running Anti-Malware v5.1.0.16 and doing a daily scheduled scan. I also have SUPERAntiSpyware installed and running but no other security software. I an running Windows XP Home SP3. When I first installed Anti-Malware I set it to scan at midnight. This has since become inconvenient but when I have tried to change it it ignores me and starts the scan at midnight anyway. I recently became aware that it is actually scanning twice a day; once at midnight and again at whatever time I set it to scan at. Since it was set to start at 1:00 AM for a long time and doesn't complete in an hour, I don't even know what it was doing when, in mid-scan at 1:00 AM the timer whould have tried to restart it. It is currently set to scan at 2:01 AM which I think provides enough time for the first scan to complete but I find only one open report when I get up in the morning. How do I stop the unscheduled and undesired midnight scan?
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