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  1. Here are the requested logs. All the 3 issues mentioned in the first post still exist.
  2. Thanks Lynx. Nice to continue to hearing from you. Attached are the logs. As I mentioned before, nothing has changed and all the 3 issues mentioned in the first post are still there.
  3. I just ran the a-squared Full Scan. Unfortunately I minimized the window after it finished the scan and the window vanished from the task bar, and now if I open up the SEcurity Center again, the only option I see is to start the scan again. I don't remmeber if I had to explicitly save the logs or it just saves them somewhere by default. Please let me know. Do I need to run the scan again? It takes very long time to run the scan. Please let me know if the logs are automatically saved at some location. Thanks.
  4. Thank you for the response. I have followed the instructions and ran the OTC and ComboFix. So far all of my 3 problems mentioned in the first post still exist. I even rebooted after running each of the OTC and ComboFix softwares. I am in the process of running A-squared again and collect the requested logs (takes many hours for the full scan). I will post them as soon as they are available. Thanks for your help. @Lynx: You are right STartup Defender was downloaded from As for the Killbox entries, this is not the first time I am seeking help. I did have problems long time back (over a year ago), and I seeked help on this forum. For some reason I could not get the old username and password, so I registered again. The forum seems to be different from before as well so probably my account was lost during transition or something.
  5. For the past couple of months I have started seeing issues and they are getting worse and more and more annoying. Following are currently the biggest issues I am facing: 1. I am unable to go standby or hibernate. The computer does not respond. I have to always shut down. Obviously powering up from after a total shut down takes much longer. Before it used to take about 5 to 10 sec after powering up to get the computer to where it was when I put it on standby. I remember clearly this started happening right after when I installed Comcast softwares on my computer. Since then I have already removed the Comcast softwares, but this issue still remains. 2. After bootup and running startup programs, I hear a lots of drive activity and the task manager shows the memory gradually being used up starting from about 600 MB to all the way up to about 2.5 GB (virtual memory - my physical memory is 2 GB). It would stay there for about 3 to 4 minutes during which time the computer becomes very slow and unresponsive. After that it would drop down to 1.5 GB and then eventually drop down to about 500-600 MB or so, after which the computer would start responding fine and the drive activity goes down too. 3. Now lately I am having another issue. This involves A-squared as well. I usually run Chrome browser and it usually has hotmail from the previous session already loaded. So after bootup when I start Chrome, it loads up different tabs that were open last time when I closed it, it would hang. And I would see A-squared as one of the applications running in the Applications bar at the bottom, along with Chrome, but I won't see any corresponding A-squared window on the screen. The Chrome hangs. A-squared also hangs but looks like it hangs before it draws the window on the screen. I have to close a-squared by right clicking on the little icon on the right hand side of the task bar and choosing Exit Background Guard, kill Chrome and then run Chrome again. Now Chrome would run fine, but if I click on something that would try to open up a pop up or something, it would hang again. If I leave Chrome in that state for about 5 min or so, it would come back to life. I am attaching my logs. I did find some high risk items in the scan but haven't quarantined or anything as per instructions in the sticky. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.