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  1. Things seems to be running fine, to be honest they were running fine before but I just had this Trojan lurking in the background. I thought we removed it last time but then it reappeared. I ran a Deep Scan on a-squared and it didn't find the Trojan so it may be alright now.
  2. Apologies, I didn't disable UAC. Attached is the ISeeYouXP log. Can I enable UAC again?
  3. I have done everything in the instructions. Please see logs below. However, ISeeYouXP doesn't seem to run for me. I ran the .bat file as an administrator but I keep getting an error telling me not to run the ISeeYouXP.bat file from within the ZIP file, which I'm not doing as far as I know.
  4. Hi, a-squared free discovered but could not delete Trojan.Generic.IS!IK, I had major problems in the past with a Trojan (not sure if this is the same one but could well be) and if you read my previous posts I thought I got rid of it, but clearly not! Grateful for any assistance to get rid of this once and for all. I've attached the report. Thanks
  5. Avenger seemed to work fine. a-squared came up clean. ISeeYouXP log attached. Things seem to be fine, can't really tell if my system is fully clean or not though!
  6. Log attached. I notice that it says it cannot access cngaudit.dll, I remember when I originally had the virus that the Trojan had infected this file.
  7. Also a another problem I've been having and once again it's happened, I tried to install Avast anti-virus because I wanted something other than AVG. Yet again when I try to run it it closes down and removes itself. The error I get when I try to run it again is: "Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item". I'm getting this on nearly all spyware and anti-virus programs.
  8. The folder in question is for Spybot, I think the virus I had is preventing me from deleting it. I keep getting an error saying "Access is denied to SpybotSD.exe"
  9. I ran the file. Not sure what happened because I went away and came back to find that it had closed (I assume it did what it need to do). I'm still not entirely convinced I have full admin rights though because I still can't delete that folder.
  10. I've discovered the cause of why I haven't been able to download anything or save files anywhere on my PC, it was AVG stopping me (for what reason I have no idea). I completely removed AVG and now I can seem to download files just fine. I still can't remove that empty Spybot folder in Program Files though, which seems to me like I don't have my full admin rights back just yet. I ran RootRepeal, it did a very very quick scan and a few items appeared saying that the status is "Locked to the Windows API", the program then just automatically closes down.
  11. Many thanks for all your help so far. I can't even run the Fix It tool, same with everything I download from the Internet. As soon as I click Run the dialog box disappears and nothing happens. I tried saving the file to my Desktop or another folder and it appears for a split-second then disappears. Even renaming the file didn't work like it does with some things. Basically I can't run or save any downloads from the Internet.
  12. I ran the file, for both steps I get an error. Cannot perform this operation on built-in accounts. Task is completed with error. See log C:\Windows\security\logs\secanalyze.log detail for info. Also, same with log C:\Windows\security\logs\secrepair.log AVG still doesn't work, Spybot most definitely doesn't work. I can't even install if anymore as it keeps telling me SpybotSD.exe is a read only file and I can't install. I'm unable to even delete the folder for it in Program Files even though the folder is empty! It's as if all my administrator rights have been taken away from me.
  13. I thought everything was fine but my AVG still won't scan, the box has been greyed out ever since I had this virus. Nor does the email scanner work on it, it says it's enabled but doesn't work. Also I ran HiJackFree again and it closed down shortly after opening it. I then went to run it again and it had removed itself, saying I don't have permission to run it. I have no idea what is causing these problems but whatever I have on my system doesn't seem to have fully disappeared. I'm unable to download/run any spyware or anti-virus programs.
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