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  1. I'm unsure as to where the appropriate place to put the actual malicious file is, but for what it's worth, here's the file: Thanks in advance, and sorry for messing up the forum rules *** the attachment containing file in question was removed {Lynx}
  2. ~ Whole Quotation Removed {Lynx} If it helps, the file was around 15k in size. I opened it up in IDA and saw it was packed, but I couldn't really bother with unpacking it because I didn't have a proper VM to run it and dump it.
  3. Hello, I've recently opened a file which, as I later found out, was the trojan that I displayed in my topic. I have successfully removed it, and do not, as a matter of fact, own WoW. But I'd like to keep my PC as clean as possible, so I'd like to know if the trojan infects any other files. I ran a full scan and the scan cleaned the infected file (and the temp file which was made because I opened it in winrar) but nothing else. Should I lower my paranoia?
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