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  1. It gives instructions on how to turn off users account with vista...but not windows xp
  2. files that started with the word win...but I did not see a file for win32diag
  3. Ok...I think I am understanding this a little better...but when I went to the attach your logs ..and browse, there were so many win things in there, i did not see what win32diag ?
  4. This is crazy, you say to send the logs, but you don't say how to send them !! I read the instructions and it did not say anywhere how to send the log reports !!Please help. Thanks in advance...
  5. How do I attach the win32 file to send to u it won't let me copy and paste ? I feel stupid right now !!
  6. INLINE POST was removed by moderator {Lynx}
  7. How do I send you the report logs ?
  8. Ok..I will get back to you when I get all the downloads.
  9. I just downloaded hijack and I don't know how to run it.
  10. I went there but I don't understand the instructions...please help
  11. I am not following how to remove this virus...please help !!