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  1. Yes, I always update EEK before scanning. It could be as you said that EEK detections are a bit behind Emsisoft's other products.
  2. Greetings, My nephew accidently downloaded a questionable .exe onto my PC. It hasn't been executed to I decided to check it up on your excellent www.isthisfilesafe.com page. It turned out to be infected, (screenshot attachment included) but before I deleted the file I decided to run a custom scan (one that I set up to scan the download folder) with EEK. However, EEK didn't detect the executable and I was wondering why. Thanks. scan_170217-194758.txt
  3. Yes, it detected the file. Must be working okay. Thanks.
  4. Using the latest EEK I just performed a Malware Scan, which I understand is deeper than a Quick Scan, and it only took 16 seconds! Is that normal to be so fast? scan_150704-064504.txt
  5. Thanks for the replies Lynx, you are a top bloke!
  6. Cheers for the explanation, Lynx ! I'm positive the [email protected]@@k.DLL was generated to monitor keystrokes when I ran a trainer to let my little nephew cheat on a game. I deleted the said trainer after he finished playing the game but obviously it left over these files, so excellent work on EAM detecting them! Two quick questions though: 1. I have moved the file to quarantine and can probably delete it but am I correct in assuming anything placed in quarantine is unable to perform malicious actions? I.e. Has malware ever been known to escape quarantine? 2. I use EAM free and these threats were labelled Medium and Low risk; I'm no expert but I assume keyloggers have to run in memory and processes must be running in order for it to capture keystrokes. Now I know EAM free has no realtime-protection but if this was malicious and I had run a quick scan while these processes were running would EAM have warned me?
  7. Hi folks, Nothing serious but I just performed a scan with EAM and it found two detections: C:\windows\system32\[email protected]@@k.dll detected: [email protected]@@k!A2 C:\Windows\SysWOW64\[email protected]@@k.DLL detected: Riskware.Win32.HackTool.HotKeysHook!A2. I thought I'd go take a look at the locations of these files and while the second detection was present the first was not. Also when I quarantined the said files only the visible detection was quarantined. Any explanation for why this would happen?
  8. Thankyou for your prompt reply, Fabian. Much appreciated.
  9. Hi folks, First post here even though I have been browsing these forums for years. I have a quick question. I just completed a Deep Scan and had an A-Squared window pop-up after it finished recommending I send the following file to Emisoft for analysis, which I promptly did. I am wondering whether there is anything I should be worried about. The file was: C:\WINDOWS\$NtServicePackUninstall$\dllhost.exe. Should I be concerned?
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