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  1. that has been sent, i am impressed with the support options built into the EEK, you guys thought ahead
  2. hello, EurekaLab s.a.s is not there unfortunately .
  3. Hello, attached are the files requested from the frst, let me know if you need me to do anything else Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. hello, just a small error, after i download the emergency kit extracting it and update it successfully, i then try and run cmd for the 64bit version it comes up with the attached error, the 32bit has no issue, below is the clipboard thing it said to do. Also this emergency kit i just recently downloaded from your site --------------------------- EurekaLog RC 1 crash report --------------------------- Access violation at address 00007FFEF26471DB in module 'ntdll.dll'. Read of address 0000000000000040 ExceptionLog7.Init (Location: (000000000{ntdll.dll }00371DB) [00007FFEF26471DB] ntdll.RtlVirtualUnwind + $1DB) (report generated by EDebugInfo.DebugInfoInitDoneErrorHandler) Press Ctrl + C to copy report to clipboard --------------------------- OK ---------------------------
  5. Hello, every 4 days or so i get this Invalid pointer operation error, it pops up behind everything so i don't notice the issue till i minimized everything, after i press ok i don't see anything else happen(no crashes or other errors) so its more just trying to fix a error. emsisoft internet security windows 10 pro x64 only emsisoft is installed no other security applications
  6. cause i am just learning linux, what would i lose if i removed the bridged networking?
  7. Hey, i am unable to select the file to be exluded because it has been quarantined
  8. HI, another problem i have noticed is that when EAM quarantines a file and i choose to restore that file EAM then quarantines it immediately again, is there a way for me to restore the file from quarantine and add a allow rule?
  9. hey, i have the screen shot of my settings and attached(default.txt) is the a2s file i use
  10. Hey, every 3 hours i get it to scan traces/memory/cookies and the window is displayed every time it runs
  11. hey, i am having a problem with the scheduled scan, even if i select slient scan when the scan runs i still get displayed with a progress screen
  12. Hey lynx, i am testing the beta and the problem is fixed in that version, so i am just going to stick to that version
  13. Hey thanks for the reply, i do trust the site and have added them to the list and marked them as allow but it still blocks the regardless, do you have any ideas?
  14. hi, i not sure if it is a recent update but now i cant get to www.mediafire.com or www.gamespot.com and if i disable surf protection i can then go to the sites
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