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  1. Thanks H_D, I cleaned up restore points using the link you provided. I noticed in your posts that you use "open Dns" on pc1, and not on pc2. I have recently stumbled upon "open dns" by reading Gizmodo's website and was wondering if it is something I should do/install? Why do you only have it on pc1? Is it because it is something you do to your router, so you did not bother to list it for pc2? Thanks again, pizzaman.
  2. Hey Lynx, I apologize for the copy and paste job. You said "The only way to clean System Restore is to turn it Off ; Reboot and switch it back On." So, I assume I should clean system restore by following your procedures. How exactly do I turn it off? Then how do I turn it back on? I am not sure what you meant by Turbo Tax being "cracked". Do you mean it was compromised by malware or thinking it is not a legal copy of the software( it is )/ Thanks again for your help, what unbelievable service! pizzaman
  3. ~ INLINE LOGS REMOVED {Lynx} Here are the reports. Hope it is ok to post these like this. pizzaman
  4. Hey again, I have completed 3 deep scans and was able to remove the 3 listed malwares. So, can I safely assume that the threats are gone? Also, why was I not able to remove them the first time but the second scan removed them with no problem? I loaded a-squared free on a second computer and performed a deep scan and found a few malware items. I was not able to remove/quarantine them the first time, so I performed a second scan and that time I had no problem removing/quarantining them. I don't get it? This seems to be the pattern for the way that a-squared works. Thanks for your help, pizzaman.
  5. Thanks Lynx for the quick response. I thought I noticed that you posted that you had enough of this forum? I was a little upset to read this after seeing all the hard work you have put into this forum. But it seems that you are back and that is good news. I originally posted this in the middle of a second deep a-squared free scan. The first scan I did found those viruses as well as the second scan.But, I assumed since a-squared free could not fix the problem the first time and I noticed they showed up the second time , that it was time for me to pursue the issue a little further and start this post. After the second deep scan finished , it seemed as if I was able to delete all of the malware found. I then did a quick scan( not the real fast one but the next one , don't remember what it was actually called) and nothing was found. I will do another deep scan tonight and see what happens. in regards to using the a-squared anti-malware software, that came directly from the advice of clicking on the info of the trojan file found. I am not sure if you understood that or thought I was reading various posts on the matter and considering trying to remove the viruses based on that. I will post my results , good or bad after my next deep scan. Thanks again, glad you are still around. Talk to you soon,pizzaman _
  6. Hi, I recently have discovered the wonderful product a-squared free.It has found 3 trojans------Gen.trojan!IK-----Trojan.w32patched!IK-----Trojan-Dropper.Agent!Ik I have Avira antivirus and also used SuperAntiSpyware regularly. They did not find these trojans. My question is, when I click on the names of the virus during the a-squared scan it links me to emisoft's website saying that if I download/purchase a-squared anti-malware it will delete this malware infection. Will it? I tried to delete/quarantine the infection using a-squared free, but it will not work.I have read a lot of the posts on this forum about following the steps using combofix and all the other stuff and working with a professional on the forum but that seems very confusing for a newbie like me. So, bottom line ---Will the a-squared anti-malware software fix my infection? Thanks for taking the time to help, pizzaman.