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  1. I have a 3PCs EIS license. How do i migrate it now to EAM with the 50% extension? Thanks.
  2. m3a4424

    EIS Can't Connect to Service

    Yes. Later i willl enable the beta again and see what happen.
  3. m3a4424

    EIS Can't Connect to Service

    Hi. Thank You for you answer. I don´t have Malwarebytes 3. It was installed but disabled. Do you recomend uninstall it? All OK now. I recovered to a previous image and disabled the "beta" update from EIS. I'm using now only stable update.
  4. m3a4424

    EIS Can't Connect to Service

    FRST.txt Addition.txt
  5. m3a4424

    EIS Can't Connect to Service

    I have the same problem. Windows 7 - x64
  6. m3a4424

    CLOSED 7213 Updates

    Event ID 7000 Event ID 7009 Yes, are the same.
  7. m3a4424

    CLOSED 7213 Updates

    Sorry. When i try to open your attachment, i have this message: "The page you are trying to access is not available for your account."
  8. m3a4424

    CLOSED 7213 Updates

    I have 2 events errors at startup and slows down startup for 2 minutes +/-. I have 2 error files with the "evtx" extension but i don't know if they have private data. If not, i will attach them here.
  9. Now i can access a PC but still can't access to my Synology NAS nor to my Satellite receiver.
  10. The remote desktop access problem is solved. The access to other PCs in the trusted network don't.
  11. I can't access to some shared PC(s) in the trusted network with the EIS firewall activated. I only can solve the problem, deactivating the firewall, restarting the computer, accessing the remote shared PC/folder and then activate the firewall. Every session that i need to access to these PCs, i need to do this. Remote access to the same PCs doesn´t work too. Not all my shared PCs have this problem. In other PC where i do not use EIS, i did not have any problem when i attempt to connect to the same shared PCs. I'm using Windows 7 x64.