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  1. Also I did reboot twice. I've scoured the registry as well to ensure all remnants of Zone Alarm were removed. I am still getting programs not being able to run no matter what I do. 2d
  2. Thank you for the reply. With regard to Virtual Box, this problem refers to a running VM. I'm not even getting that far. My crash is happening at startup. And after some more tinkering, this crash is happening even when emsisoft is not being loaded into memory. (Ie: I told it not to start at windows startup) This crash is a BSOD. Only solved thus far by removing Virtual Box or removing OAP. For what it's worth, I am using a NAT connection within the VM. Any other ideas? 2d
  3. Let me add a few more details as I know how frustrating it is to help someone who doesn't really do much to help themselves. First thing I did was uninstall zone alarm, and then installed oap after a reboot. Then on a fresh boot (After oap did it's initial scan) I was getting BSOD when virtual box drivers began to load. (Since this was happening on start up, my BSOD were occurring at start up) I uninstalled Virtual Box and the problem went away. The issue however was that programs (start-up and normal programs) would not load. I would click on a program (afterburner, firefox, outlook, etc.), and a warning would come up and say such and such program was not able to start correctly, click ok to close the application. After uninstalling OAP for the 3rd time, everything worked again. Like I said. I really like the interface and the firewall engine is top notch. I would really like to use the program that I paid for, but can't currently as it renders most of my programs unusable. Also if you could shed some light on the virtual box problem it would be much appreciated as well. Most of my development is done in a virtual machine of windows which allows for greater portability between computers, and as such being able to use virtual box virtual network drivers is a must. Thank you for any and all help. 2d
  4. stapp, certianly. its the premium version. i have mse installed as anti virus. Before oap i was using zone alarm security suite for a firewall. i had the anti virus portion disabled. OS is Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Some particular programs which dont work after installing oap is msi afterburner, firefox, aida64, etc. Its as if the the intial scan to set programs trusted is not working. 2d
  5. first i had to uninstall virtualbox to stop getting bsod on startup. Now i cant start half of the programs on the computer despite telling it to trust everything. Even after disabling the services the programs are still disabled. I really like the interface and how much i can control but unless i can get it to work im not going to be able to use it. Thanks for any and all help. 2d