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  1. Further to my post above, if I click on the Autoruns tab/button in OA, the OA UI hangs with scod (spinning circle of death) in Win7 32 bit.
  2. I've also experienced OA forgetting that it is/was already installed and insisting on re-running install/config wizards. Sean
  3. All good, except it turns out the problem is OA, not EAM. If I shut Ad Muncher, then completely shut OA, then load Ad Muncher, adverts are filtered correctly by Ad Muncher. If I then load OA, Ad Muncher immediately stops filtering. So OA is off. I think I'll look for another firewall - OA is sucking up too much of my time. Sean
  4. I also get the same problems with OA - the UI hangs in unpredictable ways, then a logoff/reboot is the only way to close it. Given OA also has problems with Ad Muncher, I'm having to switch it off completely.
  5. Spoke too soon: since upgrading to EAM 6, Ad Muncher has once again been blocked from filtering. Ad Muncher dev says the problem is entirely due to EAM and OA. I'll dump an anti-malware solution before I'll dump Ad Muncher - there's lots of good anti-malware solutions nowadays, but only one Ad Muncher. Nothing beats Ad Muncher when it comes to blocking unwanted browser junk. Sean
  6. I seem to have fixed this by removing leftover Mamutu files, which wasnt running but seemed to still be loading a2hooks32.dll from the Mamutu directory. I had previously installed Mamutu when evaluating Emsisoft products and it hadnt fully uninstalled..... Hopefully I havent broken any core EAM or AO functions, but everything seems OK and AdMuncher is filtering again
  7. I have latest, licensed versions of OA, EAM and AdMuncher. I'm new to OA and EAM. I've used AdMuncher for many years. Same problem as others - adverts are not blocked by AdMuncher. For the first time in years I'm getting online casino pop-unders. So now I'm supposed to go through a whole bunch of uninstalling, re-installing and reboots? Is that the best that can be offered here? Sean