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  1. Hi
  2. Hi, New Samples. Thank You! Malware
  3. No, I think the place should be in the Right-Bottom near the clock (like V11) (No Right-Center).
  4. Hi, EIS 12 BETA. bad position for update messages "right (H) and center (V)". Thank You!
  5. Hi, I have this problem too. I set for Persian language but notification system sometimes is English, sometimes is Persian. Thank You!
  6. Hi Frank, I do a test for drag and drop again and it is work now. (it was not work last night for me) for Submit a suspicious file, support panel option open my browser and go to website. How I can send suspicious files directly by EIS, without visit the site? Thank You!
  7. Hi, 1. In the past, We could add files to the quarantine directly by drag and drop. 2. In the past, We could send suspicious file from quarantine for analyze. (Submitted column is available yet) Thank You
  8. Hi, Is it correct that show attach file for Emsisoft Internet Security? Thank You!
  9. Hi, Suspect MobileGo
  10. Hi
  11. Hi, So I think, change the text is better. Thank You!
  12. Hi, Google Play: 2.0.4 Emsisoft Website: 2.0.2 Do not have changeblog for EMS?
  13. Salam pars e aziz chi shod shoma ekhraj shodi ye dafe !

  14. Hi, behavior blocker is better than HIPS. Emsisoft is for every user with every Knowledge. Emsisoft has experience for HIPS enough.