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  1. Hello all,


    This group includes some of the activists in the anti-virus funs.




    So far, two tests have been performed.



    Testing conditions:

    On-Demand Detection


    Tests carried out in two stages:

    -- Zero Time: In this stage, the samples are tested immediately after preparation.
    10H Time: In this stage, after 10 hours of the first test, antivirus are updated, and samples are being tested again.


    False Positive
    False Positive after completion of 2 Stage are calculated for each product.

    Effective settings:
    Settings that affect the rate of virus detection.


    Tested AVs:
    If there is no antivirus at all test sections



    1- First Test 19-10-2012


    Antivirus for participating:

    1. Avast Free 7
    2. Avira Internet Security 2013
    3. Bitdefender Total Security 2013
    4. Comodo Internet Security v6 Beta
    5. Emsisoft Anti-Malware 7
    6. ESET Smart Security 5
    7. F-Secure Internet Security 2013
    8. Kaspersky Internet Security 2013
    9. Kingsoft Antivirus 2012 SP5.2
    10. Microsoft Security Essentials 4.1
    11. Norton Internet Security 2013
    12. Panda Cloud Antivirus
    13. Trend Micro Internet Security 2013


    Test results at zero time, 10H time and total points:






    False Positives:





    Final ranking:



    Effective settings:

    Norton Antivirus was:Heuristic Protection: Aggressive
    Kaspersky Anti-Virus for medium settings were used: protection against other types of threats Enabled
    Other antivirals used the default settings.




    Tested AVs :






    Kingsoft free
    antivirus was without Avira engine.
    ESET antivirus due to the lack of testing time zero did not get a good result.




  2. Hi

    1- I try for use of Update Proxy.

    all steps are ok and "a2updateproxy.exe" is on Processes.

    but "a2updateproxycache" folder is empty!

    When server computer does update, the "a2updateproxycache" folder will be change? or should client start update for change "a2updateproxycache" folder?

    2- why when Update Proxy do not work, client does update from internet without any error while the setting is active for client?

    Thank You

  3. Hello,

    I see this problem a few times, Even for users who installed EAM in the last few months.

    1. I report this problem in "" and "Christian Peters" finds that this problem occurs often, due to connection errors, but I think there are afew other reasons for this problem too!

    2. by this problem, all settings will be deldeted, Just like you've installed the program for first time!

    if connection errors (or any other) is reason for run the Security Wizard again this is a problem.

    because Security Wizard should not be run after complete installation (Never).

    Possible in a region, the connection errors were high, and the user must complete several steps for Security Wizard.

  4. Hello

    1. In afew systems, scan can not start, or system will be restart after click on Scan or show blue screen. (right-click scan has not problem).

    2. EAM can not run on Safe Mode.

    3. System hangs during update (especially when displaying popup).

    4. Can not perform multiple scans simultaneously. (Is not the better scan part has a separate page from main page? Like other AVs?)

    5. Been reported several times, that opening main page of program has Delayed.

  5. Check This :

    Why Emsisoft only in the 18th places? :blink:


    they use the stable version EAM 6 (Emsisoft Engine + Ikarus Engine) and not the EAM 7 beta (Emsisoft Engine + Bitdefender Engine) on this site.

    I see that Emsisoft is #18 (by 21%) and Ikarus is #19 (by 21%), Do not think the effects of Emsisoft Engine (Signature) is very low (= 0)?

    18 Emsisoft 21 % (53 threats detected on 251).

    19 Ikarus 21 % (53 threats detected on 251).

  6. LOL, Bitdefender is not known for being light!! I hope the engine by itself is a lot lighter than the complete product!

    BD 2013 much lighter than before, In addition, I think the BD engine is not heavy, BD applications due to high features is heavy, Because many antiviruses use of BD engine and are light like "roboscan"

  7. I think it is a new feature for v7!

    1. after scan by right click on the Malware name, we can add Malware Type (Instead malware file) to white list!

    Is not it better that we only have to add the file to the white list?

    2. What is the reason for add this selected files for v7 ?

    3. I think by this feature if we want do not remove single detected files in one archive file , we can do it. (or any other act)

  8. False positives can not be. I check in VirusTotal 3 files undetected by EAM 7:




    Kaspersky and Bitdefender are 2 AVs with Minimum FP.

    I see that "punheta mp4.exe" and "best flash games.exe" do not detect by them but "Adele BAIXE AQUI! É GRÁTIS - Não Você Remember.mp4.exe.exe" detected by BD too.

    To ensure, quarantine them and send them for analysis team