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  1. I had a problem ONE time with same version. After I had downloaded the trial version, my computer just froze. No response to anything. Then I cold started it, and there has been no problems since.
  2. Thank you for the answer. I have been thinking alot about what that mean. I let it rest.
  3. I have just started to use E.M, and I have seen some test where there was a difference in the blocking of malware depending of the user? What is that setting? Moving the slider from balanced to thorough?
  4. How to scallope my guitar neck best.:)

  5. If I had used 2 firewalls,it wouldnt be so strange there was a malfunction.No I only use 1 firewall at a time.Yes I had all the right places ticked.Remember I have used OA a looong time before this.I use Prevx 3.0,and Clear Cloud DNS,and now PC Tools firewall.Nothing more.It seems its just one of those times where something on my computer make it impossible to use OA.No biggie. Its still a great FW.
  6. Yes I know,but there was no orange pop up.Just for clarification,the first time I had a problem with the leak test,was because the firewall was in learning mode.As soon I took it to normal mode it catched the test.But this time,nothing.The computer is newly reinstalled with Windows,so maybe I just have a weird computer.But I have no problems with PC Tools,it both ask,and block the test.Yes it was the newest model 431.
  7. Thats why I told before that I go into the firewall and delete EVERYTHING regarding leaktest.There must be a bug somewhere.Its not my computer,it was reinstalled with new Windows yesteday. But this aint working.Me think I go back to PC Tools FW,at least that one can take the leaktest(most of them). Thank you for the help.
  8. It dosent show anything,or ask about anything,the leakt est just fail.And of course I make sure to delete everything in OA before I make a new test.It seems there is a bug. Yes intercept looopback is ticked.
  9. I have tried (after it failed first time),to delete it all together,so it was not in OA anymore,and even then,OA dont ask anything it just let it go through.If it cant even make that leaktest,PC tools is maybe a better choice.At least it ask?OA dont ask anything.It just give access.
  10. I am sorry if I have wrote the wrong place.
  11. I have just tried Gibsons Leaktest,and Online Armor did not say a word,but allowed the leaktest,so it failed.Why? Its free edition.
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