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  1. Installer issue: I have just installed this program to be faced by second all time personal "HATE'S" Why can I not change the install location? I have to uninstall this now before I go any further as it's gone to my C: drive. The big fat 1TB mechanical drive I have was completely ignored and Yep that tiny little SSD I have Windows installed to was used. Great. Do I bother updating it and running it the once or is your program going to write more data where I don't want it to??? Am I going to find a nice new folder in user space full of Emsisoft stuff?? PS Personal HATE # 1/ is software developers that call install programs "setup.exe" FFS how many "setup.exe's" dose one guy need Thank you Emsisoft for not calling the setup program "setup.exe" but big fat minus points for not giving your users/customers the option of changing the install location.