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  1. Hi I'm in the process of upgrading the same PC from WinXP to Win7 and re-installed OA.. I installed version, which gave me the free version. When I input my licence, Cleverbridge reference number 31321858, I get a message saying that the licence has expired.


    It is a 3 year licence purchased on 9th April 2012.


    I'm reluctant to uninstall OA since it has now been through the learning process but I can't access the premium facilities that I had when using WinXP. The previous online-armor site had a site where it was possible to reset the licence to cover such OS installs, but I'm unable to find any process that I should follow.


    Some assistance would be appreciated.




  2. The source is Adobe and the email trail from McAfee identifies that the incorrect dlls can be loaded during installation specifcally mentioning Adobe as well as the fact that their certificates have been compromised in the recent past. So OA throwing up an alert suggests either;

    1) the Adober installer download is compromised in some way and OA is detecting that on execution or

    2) that the certificate used by Adobe is black-listed by OA as a precaution to prevent bad downloads

    Either way I have no ready way of identifying what OA has discovered to trigger the popup since the message contained within the popup is not particularly helpful in determining the risk being run. That doesn't leave me with a particularly warm feeling.


  3. Hi Cat Princess,

    Unfortunately I didn't take screenshots, although I guess I could go through the install again. I was unable to view the screenshots of the popups in the link since I don't appear to have permission to view them and couldn't see an obvious way around that (ideas welcomed).

    However, assuming that the popups are similar is there a way to check the validity of the data that triggered the OA popup? The McAfee approach (I use Avira) seems to be download the installer, install the program and then check for rootkits which strikes me as the software equivalent of poking a croc with a stick just to check it's alive.


  4. Hi,

    Happy New Year.

    I'm running OA on WinXP SP3 and attempted to install Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 today as part of an install. I had numerous red popups advising termination of the program, to block the program etc.

    The installer appears to be signed by Adobe but OA identifies it as dangerous, is this a blip because the program is trying to install items in the user temp folder? If so can it be corrected?


  5. Thanks Cat Princess, I realized from your text that I'd forgotten that the "learning" option for bank sites needs to be enabled from within the Domain list. When I raised the issue, I had been enabling the "learning" option from the shield in the task bar only and had forgotten this that you pointed out.

    Consquently I entered the bank url in the Domains list and right clicked into "learning" mode from there. It added each URL to the domain page. Problem fixed, it works correctly now in banking mode. MBAM and AV enabled throughout.

    Many thanks

  6. To try and eliminate things and articulate the problem better, it seems that in learning mode OA is not adding URLs to the domain page automatically. So this morning I added the internet home page URL manually to the domain page and clicked learning mode and opened the browser. The internet home page appeared. I then closed the browser, entered banking mode and re-opened the browser and the internet home page URL appeared as I would expect. I then closed the browser.

    I entered learning mode opened the browser which gave me the internet home page URL, then entered in the browser the home banking page URL, and accessed its log-in page, all in learning mode. I then closed the browser, checked the Domain page and the only URL shown in the domain page is the one I manually entered previously.

    Finally I added the three URLs to the domain page manually; the internet home page (already added), the banking home-page and the log in page. I then entered banking mode and I got through to the log in page with no problem. All this with MBAM and AV enabled.

    So it appears that in banking mode the underlying recognition by OA of the domains on the domain page is correct, the problem appears to be that it won't add the domains automatically while in learning mode, even with the AV and MBAM disabled.

    I guess the next thing would be a compete re-install of OA. Do you see that as the next step?

  7. Hi catprincess,

    Both really, when I right clicked on banking mode the domain page remained blank after going through the whole banking site starting with the internet home page URL. Additionally when I manually entered the internet home page URL (as bing.com*) and the bank site URL in the domain page, OA was unable to take me to either page when I was using banking mode. Everything OK in normal mode.

    The above behaviour was consistent irrespective of whether I had AV and MBAM enabled or disabled.

  8. Hi

    I'm running OA paid version with Avira Antivir premium and malwarebytes, paid version. Operating system winXP, browsers Firefox and IE8 as a backup.

    Up until about a week ago or so ago banking mode worked perfectly, but since then it hasn't worked. I can't recall exactly when it started to mis-behave. I've tried the "learning" process on a number of occasions and nothing is ever shown in the doman name section of OA.

    The search engine in AV was updated to version on 15/09/2011 but to try to eliminate the AV as a probable cause, for a time I disabled completely the AV but each time that I launched firefox in banking mode I was unable to connect to the internet home page despite having been through the whole learning process including logging on to the internet home page previously. The error message "Unable to Connect" appeared.

    I also tried going through the same process with IE8 and the AV again disabled and obtained the same effect, the URL appears in the browser but there is nothing in the browser window. Even when I put the URL "bing.com*" into the domain area I get the same result on both IE8 and Firefox.

    In both of the above instances MBAM was enabled, so I repeated the above with MBAM disabled but AV enabled and obtained the same result, then I disabled both MBAM and AV and again the same result.

    Running MBAM and AV no intruders were found. I've run a log of the last attempt using banking mode and it's not clear to me that it shows a problem.

    Browsing works perfectly in normal mode. So I think I've eliminated the AV and MBAM from the problem but still am no nearer to understanding what's gone awry.

    Any ideas? :wacko:

  9. Thanks Christian, maybe that's the problem, although the previous version I was using had updated to the current version number, it wasn't retained when I re-installed everything and I only have the original purchased version which is So is the way out of this to download the latest free version and then register it using my existing registration number which still has about a year to run?


  10. Hi I've never had this prob. on other occasions that I've re-installed OA.

    I received the error message above plus "Socket Error #10060 connection timed out. Do you want to adjust internet settings?"

    The internet connection is working ok to emisoft web-site and other sites so I'm a bit puzzled. Since I've been with OA for three or four years could the internet address that the OA executable is currently using be no longer recognized, or could it be just plain old operator error?

    Background - to clear out a year's worth of crud I re-installed windows and all apps. When I got to OA I logged in to the website and went through the reset wizard. The little green arrow does not appear in the reset box, but I can't remember whether it should. Anyway I don't seem to be able to re-reset it if that is what's needed. The product is shown currently as not activated.

    I turned Avira off, disabled malwarebytes, click on oaui.exe and the scrolling thermometer appears headed "Activating Online Armor" after about a minute I get the error message.

    Kind regards



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