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  1. Hi, i am new to online armor and have a question... in the default windows firewall you do not have to do anything, but on online armor, you get to choose what programs will be able to run and such. the question is, all the programs and etc that you will have to allow or block (installations, this file wants to open another file, autoruns and more) will ALL of these get allowed automaticly with the default firewall? i just want to know if by pressing allow when a program wants to autorun, i start a program that wouldnt normally start if i didnt have online armor and pressed allow. a little messy maybe, but i hope you understand my question if i put it like this... if i choose all the programs and such in the online armor list and press allow, will i now have the same amount of programs allowed and autorunned as if i had had the windows firewall? or will i have more?