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  1. I did go ahead and delete the firefox profile, thank you for helping me out with that! And I haven't gotten a redirect - but they tend to be sporadic. Overall, computer just kinda feels like its struggling with something - maybe its just old and needs to be replaced. xD
  2. I'm getting a pop up saying No fixlist.txt found. The fixlist.txt should be in the same folder/directory the tool is located. I have both tool and fixlog in their own folder on the desktop. :\
  3. Here is the logs from FRST can. Also - I noticed a bunch of plugins popped up for FireFox in that log, is there anyway to remove these? I do not use FireFox and had the hardest time removing it from my Pc in the past. Thanks so much for all your help. FRST.txt
  4. I use Chrome, the first encounter was when I went to theasurus.com - an error on my part as I misspelled it. It redirected me to that site, and I just closed it. I encountered it again when helping my son navigate on the virtual pet website Neopets.com. I reran AdwCleaner and attempted to clean twice, both times the program became unresponsive when "cleaning the browsers". I attempted Ctrl Alt Delete, and recieved a error saying: "The logon process was unable to display security and logon options when ctrl alt delete was pressed." I had to manually turn off the PC both times.
  5. Thanks for you help, I ran AdwCleaner, here is the report attached below. AdwCleanerS2.txt
  6. Redirect happened sometime last week - thought I just might've clicked a botched website - it happened again too on another website I frequent often. Takes me to a page that tells me in more or less words, my computer is massively infected and I need to call this number for help. Attached are my logs, thanks so much! scan_150921-122151.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  7. Ran fresh scans today, still seeing the trojan popping up.. also noticed it took over a program I installed onto my computer that came with a security camera I bought off Amazon. :\ Below are the logs. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for all your help! Here are the attached logs.
  9. Microsoft Security Essentials pulled these two up the other night.. Tried running Malwarebytes, had me download updated version, but would not run, nor let me uninstall older version, says files are corrupted. Help!
  10. Took ownership of the uninstall folder, but uninstaller still gave the same error, and when right clicked there isn't a Take Ownership option..
  11. Okay so, had no problem running the Windows Repair, and it did help with uninstalling, BUT only other programs.. I still cannot get rid of FireFox. x.x Via Control Panel, it never loads, and when I go to the actual Folder where the uninstaller is located, it gives me an error window when I click. Says something along the lines that I don't have permission, even with opening as administrator.
  12. Everything seems to be working fine, I really appreciated your help! But.. my uninstaller is still acting wacky.. I cannot uninstall FireFox or any other program for that matter, when going through Control Panel - Uninstall. The uninstaller never loads, and when trying to uninstall a different program, I get a window that pops up saying to wait for the other program to finish uninstalling.
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