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  1. Hi I was entering the Canadian Snowbirds Association web site when a"you are infected" warning came up. You are suppose to call a number. Is my computer infected or is this a fake alert. The url in the address bar is below. Help Barb Beath
  2. Things are good thank you so much for all your patience and help. Barb Beath
  3. Hi , I have done as you have asked and the results are attached. Yes, I know that when you turn your computer on Emsisoft automatically starts a update and scan if missed previously. However, it had not updated for 5 days and I kept getting alerts but it would just not update. It would scan but not update. Then yesterday it suddenly started again. Have no idea what was up. Barb FRST.txt Addition.txt scan_151229-173229.txt
  4. Here you go. For some reason this morning when I opened my computer Emsisoft updated ????????????????????????? I did nothing different. I shut my computer every evening. Puzzled Barb Fixlog.txt
  5. PS. No it can not connect even manually. It will go to 6% then start over again. Other times I can not even click on it. When I do it does nothing. It was going to 14% before it would start over again but not now. The notice that comes up is check internet connection and proxy settings.Barb Beath
  6. Sorry. Here you go. As for updating both my computers can not connect to the updating service. However, Emergency Kit can. Barb Beath FRST.txt Addition.txt eek.txt
  7. Ok I just tried to update my Emsisoft security and it will not connect to the update server and my internet connection is excellent. It has not updated in 2 days. Barb Beath
  8. Here are my fresh scans. Thank you again. Look forward to your reply. Barb Beath scan_151224-091521.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt Shortcut.txt logs.db3.txt
  9. Thank you I hope I have done this correctly. Thank you for your patience. Barb Beath AdwCleanerC1.txt JRT.txt Fixlog.txt
  10. I was on the internet when I got a pop up saying that Warner Bros Internet had blocked my computer because it has a virus. It told me to call the listed phone #. I did not. So here I am to find out if I am infected. Please help. Barb Beath I no longer have this system OS:Windows 7 x64 AV:EMASISOFT ARMOUR PACKAGE HIPS:WINDOWS FIREWALL I have Windows 10 x64 AV is Emasisoft Internet Secutity FRST.txt BB_151216-141238.txt BB_151216-141356.txt Addition.txt scan_151216-154830.txt
  11. Online Armor will not update. It keeps disconnecting before completed. Help
  12. Again I want to thank you so very much. We have had no complaints from the people on our email contact lists so it must be gone. How does this happen when you have a virus program? We figure we know where it came from. It was from a friend on our contact list that appeared to send us an email saying Hi. We opened it and that is when something was sent out to all the people on our contact list. Is there anything that can prevent this? Why did it not go to spam? The internet is so confusing. I would also like to take the time to ask another question. If my system is 64 bit how come things keep downloading in 32bit when you do not get the choice to check 64bit? Is there two systems on my laptop and is it unneccessary to have both? Barb
  13. Sorry false alert. I just got a pop up saying my anti melware was updating. It is now version 6.5 something. The same as what is the new one for download on the website. Thank you again, So my machine is virus free now? Barb Beath
  14. PS :Not done yet. I noticed on your web site the Emsisoft anti Melware to down load is 6 something mine is reading 5 something. What do I do? Barb
  15. My Emsisoft is all working now. Hopefully I have the newest version. So if everything is good now. I would like to thank you very much. You have been more then helpful. Until next time Barb Beath
  16. Hi I uninstalled Emsisoft mal ware and reinstalled. I had origionally saved to my downloads so I just used that one again. Should I have gone to the web site instead to install it as I notice there is a new version as it popped up on my alerts that it was already downloaded. Would the setup I have saved in my downloads be updated? Is everything with the virus ok now?
  17. Here is the report. behavior blocker and surf protection on emsisoft still say they are off and I can not turn them on. Barb
  18. HI I noticed that Emsisoft Anti-Malware Behavior Blocker is off and Surf Protection is Off and they will not turn back on when I check them Barb
  19. Last time I run OTL I had all users checked but I did not on the previous one I just sent you so I did another scan with all users checked just in case it makes a difference. However, there should only be one user on this computer (Beath). Thanks again for putting up with me. Barb
  20. Thank you for explaining. Did you also want the moved files one or can I delete that one?
  21. I think I figured it out. Hopefully I have not started a new thread. If I did I am sorry. Barb Beath
  22. I am not to computer literate how am I starting new threads? How do I stop doing this? I don't know how to reattach the info you need. How is that done?Thanks Barb
  23. Once again my email has been infected with a virus that sends out emails to everyone on my contact list. Why does this happen? What can you do? Why did Emsisoft not pick it up. I have the Online Armor Emsisoft package deal. This is happened in the past to my gmail account and now to my husbands yahoo mail account. Help It is very embarassing. Barb Beath