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  1. Once again, I'm having trouble renewing my license (this has been a constant problem since you acquired Online Armor from Tall Emu... everything always worked perfectly until then). At any rate, my license for Online Armor AV+ expires soon. I followed the link from the email, selected everything appropriately but when I click the buy now button I am presented with a shopping cart page which says my cart is empty. So I logged on to your site directly, selected the expiring license, etc and clicked the buy now button... and got the same result. I am running Win7. My browser is Firefox 9 w/the NoScript extension but I do have all of the pages from your sites whitelisted. It is all most frustrating (again).
  2. My original post would have included the version number but it won't even let me start the user interface. I downloaded it about 10 days ago. I'll try downloading again from the link you posted above but I'm not very hopeful.
  3. I've run Online Armor for a long time but this is my first experience with having to change anything since the transition from Tall Emu and I am very badly impressed. I upgraded my wife's OS from Vista to Win7 (Enterprise), hit the link from my old registration email to download the Online Armor install package and installed it. All of that went fine. But when it tries to activate, it fails with a dialog box which says: Connection to licensing services failed with error: Socket Error # 10060, Conneciton timed out. Do you want to adjust internet settings and try again ? I've followed the "Yes" button to the dialog to "adjust the internet settings" but that is just proxy settings and we don't use a proxy server. This problem has persisted for days. I have no problem whatsoever reaching any other source on the internet from any other application on this machine. And when I hit your website to find contact information, I find that all you offer is this user forum for support. For a commercial product! Really unacceptable. "Because we care about you!" Yeah, right. a very unhappy customer