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  1. I have not tried this but, would disabling HIPS allow the update?
  2. Thanks Andy! I will do as you directed this weekend as I will not be able to do so until then.
  3. Any news about the Flash Player update issue? I keep looking and see no news! We, the loyal users, should be kept in the loop. I'm just saying.
  4. Adobe certificate blacklisted? That does not make any sense at all. @ andrewf Do you have access to my email address? If you do I would like for you to email me when Emsisoft has this fixed. But for the time being I'm now using a competitors firewall for HIPS. But would prefer OA.
  5. Yes, each and every time. No matter what I do I get the red pop-ups. This has been happening for the last three Flash updates. I would prefer to use OA Free because it has HIPS. Until this issue is resolved I'm sticking with Windows Firewall.
  6. At least I'm not the only one. I agree it is annoying. Like you it's happened the last 3 Flash updates.
  7. Why is Online Armor Free blocking Flash Player installation? To update Flash Player I had to uninstall OA Free! I am using Windows Firewall for now. Is this a known bug? If this is a bug please fix it! If you can't, there are other firewalls to be used. I like to keep my software up to date. Win7x64, avast free, MBAM, SAS
  8. Does OA Free provide VPN and IPSEC functionaliy? Or should I leave Win7 Firewall on? If I leave Win7 Firewall on will it conflict or affect the protection of OA Free?
  9. I just added it to the exclusion list...now no issues. Thanks for all the input.
  10. Does OA Free have any issues with WinUtilities Free? It seems when I want to use one of the modules in WinUtilities Free I get a pop-up. Sometimes OA Free even recommends "block". Is there something I should know? As stated before I have a Win7x64 with avast free, MBAM and SAS and CCleaner plus OA Free.
  11. Thanks. Because of you I learned something.
  12. I am not that computer savvy. How do you exclude? I click "exclude" then I hit a brickwall.
  13. I use a Win7x64 with avast free and MBAM and SAS. Whenever I get a pop-up "avast emulation engine" I tick ...remember my decision...trust this program...install mode. And I get this pop-up each and every time. I would think OA Free would get it the first time but it keeps happening. I do not think putting OA Free into "learning mode" is a wise idea. Please help.
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