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  1. Ok, thanks. I will usons of the recovery tools of this PC.
  2. This are the new log files. I used this site: http://www.online-convert.com in order to create the compressed file.
  3. Got the same error messages from the two apps. Is there another way to fix this situation?
  4. Only got a this error message: "Can not get update. Is proxy configured?"
  5. Windows Repair dont start and got an error message, that said: "Invalid picture"
  6. I mean, the files in my PC are still in read-only.
  7. Same result as the first time with the log, but, today it didn't found any suspicious files. How can I revert the read-only state?
  8. This is the new log file. But, the file are stil read-only.
  9. The ComboFix process got stuck at the creating report window, so I close it. What else be done? The files and carpets, are still in a read-only mode.
  10. Hello. Since yesterday I found that the files in my PC were in read-only! The OTL run without any issue, but, the EEK coundn't save any log file; this is what I read in the window: Trojan.Win32.Malagent(A) c:\Users\Universal\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\sqcojnkg.exe Gen:Variant.Kazy.177004(B) c:\Users\Universal\kupajeavyplo.exe Trace.File.Small(A) c:\Windows\Temp\temp56.exe Thanks!
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