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  1. Yes it is patched to the current. Thanks!
  2. Very very slow page loading when I use the software and then it turns out if I exclude the browser (comodo dragon) or (comodo icedragon) from behavior blocker then it will run very fast again Windows 7 Pro x32 Emsisoft 7 beta Windows Firewall
  3. Thank you very much for replying. I now understand
  4. This is really weird........ I have the emsisoft 6 beta , and used it for a few weeks. I turned the guards off and set it to freeware version. Now, I changed the license to a trial again and i have all 30 days again?
  5. I find that when you minimize or Alt - Tab in some games such as Maplestory, the Gui seems to become like a dark square on the system tray.
  6. Thank you vodkin, that will prevent "false positives" when other people try this product out.
  7. I know this is off topic, but I find that using Online Armor Free and Emsisoft Antimalware will deliver 340/340 on the comodo leak test
  8. I would say they did an excellent job on the scan engine as it's speed has increased four fold. It used to be 3 hours to scan and now it only takes 45 minutes on a first scan. Very impressive. Here's a test I have done: