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  1. Thanks stapp. That saves me from spending more time looking for insects in the dark corners of my machine
  2. I'm sorry to say that this issue isn't resolved. Every time I start the PC it boots into a temporary profile and I have to reboot maybe two or three times before it boots properly. However, if I untick the EAM option to "enable real-time protection at startup" the PC boots normally. I'm running NO other security software at present and, apart from this issue, have no problems. EAM is uninstalled at the moment and all is OK on the machine.
  3. Hi Arthur Of all of the software shown in the FRST scan only HMP-A and Ad guard were running. Some of the other entries were left-over traces, eg the Symantec reference was to a Bluetooth driver that no longer existed. Nevertheless, I've uninstalled every prog except AdGuard, cleaned out the registry, rebooted and installed EAM. Rebooted again and voila!, no errors or corruption of desktop and EAM, so your guess is as good as mine which of the uninstalled but non-running progs was the culprit here. Many thanks for your assistance.
  4. The issue isn't Kaspersky. I only installed it after EAM12 started misbehaving - and I've never run both of them together. EAM only started to cause problems (after three years on this PC) when it updated to v12. I've tried completely uninstalling it using your removal tool but every time I reinstall it throws up the corrupt/missing profile scenario.
  5. GT500, Here are the logs. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  6. Since upgrading to EAM12 I'm getting regular (and repeatable) warnings about a corrupt or missing user profile in Win7 64. Symptoms of this corruption include missing desktop icons, program data missing and a general instability of the system. I sometimes have to reboot 2 or 3 times to get the system working OK. Booting into safe mode with networking is not an issue. Uninstalling EAM restores the PC to normality. No other security software is installed or running. Is this known issue with EAM12 or just an oddity here?
  7. Many thanks for the swift response Fabian. Sorry about the empty post above; I can't see how to create a reply without quotes!
  8. After co-existing happily ESET (Nod 32 v8 Smart Security) has suddenly started to block Emsisoft update files which are similar to this: c:\windows\temp\tmp000049b8\tmp0000040 (the folder and file names change each time of course). I've set up a wildcard exclusion in NOD32 to no avail and I've submitted some of the update files to them. Any suggestions please?
  9. Fabian As I said above the 'wrong' date format appears only in Mamutu on one PC. I've checked both machines side-by-side and the language and regional settings are identical on both. However, this morning Mamutu automatically updated and , wouldn't you know it, the date format suddenly changed throughout the programme having been wrong since installation. Wouldn't you know it! I'll keep an eye on and report back here if it misbehaves again. Regards
  10. I am running licensed copies of Mamutu on two Win 7 machines. The date and regional settings are set correctly and identically for the UK and dates display properly (ie 31/1/11) in every programme and setting on both machines, except within Mamutu on one of the PCs where dates appear in US format (1/31/11). For the life of me I can't see where to change this. Any suggestions please?
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