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  1. sitedrifter, If you're using Online Armor in Advanced mode, try again in Standard mode. If it works in Standard mode, rules will be created and you can switch back to Advanced mode again.
  2. XIII, I thought HitmanPro. Alert was a browser plugin only. not a scanner. I could be wrong though... If there's another image from before the infection there's no need to perform a clean install.
  3. History only shows what happened. You can't change what happened. (Unless you have a DeLorean and a flux capacitor )
  4. XIII, Did you delete the file or quarantine the file? Not sure if it would help if you have a copy of the file in quarantine. Graftor is a generic detection for a trojan. Even if you could analyze the file now, you never know what binaries were downloaded and executed by this trojan 3 days ago. Files on the malware host may change every minute. I would never trust a machine that was infected. Clean install, change passwords and don't rely on MSE.
  5. queenslander, It's most likely detected as infected because it contains a PUP. In the OA popup is a link for more info, but i'm pretty sure that popup is closed now. Find the warning in OA history. Click the (?) for info from isthisfilesafe.com At the bottom of that page you'll see a link to the most recent Virustotal scan results where that file was checked by ±50 Anti-Malware applications.
  6. Zemana keylogger simulation test is detected here on my system with XP and OA
  7. inkfrog, A new license starts the moment it's activated. Remaining time from another license is not added. Only when you renew an existing license, the year, 2 years or 3 years are added.
  8. Jeannie, Welcome to Emsisoft support forums. EEK is not installed, it's a portable application. The Emsisoft Emergency Kit files are extracted in C:\EEK\ (by default) and an icon is placed on the desktop. If you want to remove EEK from your system, delete the C:\EEK\ folder and remove the icon from desktop.
  9. Click on the username and find the button 'Send me a message'.
  10. I wonder what those '10 modules' are... Batman, could you send me the logs.db3 file that is located in the Anti-Malware\Logs\ folder? Please use a Private Message to send the file.
  11. Hi, The setup file seems to be corrupt/incomplete. Check if the digital signature of the setup file is OK. If it is not OK, download a new setup file.
  12. Steve, In Configuration > General, is an option to Import & Export settings.
  13. The file mentioned here is most likely seen for the first time with file name rdphost.exe and was added to the isthisfilesafe database with that file name. When you check the file on virustotal (and click 'Additional information') you'll see more file names for the same file. The file is actually signed, you may check the signature with Sigcheck.
  14. trujwin, If you click your name and check your posts or topics you should be able to find what you are looking for.
  15. bekam, Welcome to Emsisoft support forums. You can use the whitelist to exclude files, folders, processes or detections. Open Emsisoft Anti-Malware > Guard > File Guard, and click the 'Manage whitelist'. Select 'Folder' in the first column. Click once in the second column and a little blue button appears. Click that little button to select the folder you want to exclude.
  16. It's another example why you shouldn't use VT for comparisons...
  17. malware1, You're right. Somethings seems wrong with the detection on VT. We'll check what's wrong.
  18. Here is a good article about sites like softonic: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/kb/articles/tec120224/ An annoying toolbar or changed startpage is not malware, it's just... annoying. We can't block websites just because the user chooses to install annoying stuff from those websites.
  19. Hi, I've sent you a PM (Personal Message) with a trial key.
  20. I can't reproduce that on my system. Had to allow a connection in 2 popups before IE connected with the google site.
  21. I don't rely on Windows system restore when there are troubles. Better use imaging software. Check if your harddisk manufacturer offers free tools. Most likely a rebranded Acronis program. Does OA History show any info that might help? If i can find some time today i'll perform a clean instal on XP 32 and check if i see a notification for IE.
  22. Installing a new version of a program in a different folder without uninstalling the previous version is never a good idea. I'm certain that will cause troubles with many programs if you try, especially security software. Regarding IE, is it possible it was already active before you changed the default option?
  23. You didn't uninstall the older version before installing the 1866 version?
  24. trujwin, I'm still using XP 32bit daily and also have OA 1866 installed. Have no issues with program guard and anti-keylogger. CLT score 340/340. Does it work OK if you install OA in default folder?
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