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  1. lafa20, It's not a connection with sparkstudios.com. It's a connection with the localhost, not with the internet. Earlier a connection with sparkstudios.com was blocked, redirected to the localhost Could have been blocked by another security program or rules in Windows hosts file, i don't know. This information is stored (sparkstudios.com = or = sparkstudios.com) and that name is shown for connections with 127,0,0,1 now.
  2. Hi, Welcome to Emsisoft support forums. Please check your private messages on this forum, i just sent you a 30 day key for Online Armor.
  3. slikk, Welcome to Emsisoft support forums. If your system is infected, please start here and follow the instructions.
  4. lafa20, Good question. The same question was answered here by Fabian in the German forum a few days ago. Translation; "We do not disinfect in principle. In most cases, an exact reconstruction of the infected file is not possible because the virus has overwritten values ​​within the file without generating appropriate backups before. This may not sound critical, but regularly leads to strange phenomena in "cleaned" software because suddenly the certificates are no longer correct, or data were overwritten in the file. Generally, restoring an uninfected backup is the only reliable solution in case of real viral infections."
  5. ¥akuza112, Switch to standard mode in OA and try again. Rules are created and the next time you can connect to the servers in Advanced mode also.
  6. lafa20, The alerts make sense, that's what browsers do. I don't know if you're using Google's Chrome or Chromium Chrome and what version. After searching for chrome.exe in our anti-malware network (http://www.isthisfilesafe.com/) it seems to me that the Chromium Chrome is not digitally signed and that might cause the popups from the Behaviour Blocker. I see the same popups on my system with a portable version of SRWare Iron (Chrome based browser). That file is not digitally signed either. The Community based alert reduction kicks in when there are more users with the same Chrome version. This could take a few days...
  7. Nikilet, You didn't mention if you changed default settings in Emsisoft Anti-Malware. With default settings most detected behaviours are allowed or blocked automatically. An example from my system when i change the default settings in Emsisoft Anti-Malware: The program mentioned in this popup is a Chrome based browser (Portable SRWare Iron version 28.0.1550.0). The detected behavior is expected and, 91% of the users allowed this behavior or excluded the program. With default settings i would not have seen this popup. The 'Community based alert reduction' (Guard > Alert settings) would have allowed this behavior automatically if more than 90% of the community members allowed this behavior and a rule would have been created to allow the same behavior the next time. The suggestion shown in the popup is: Allow this behavior. If default settings are changed or a program is new or there's no internet connection to verify a behavior in our Anti-Malware network more popups are expected.
  8. No, Online Armor checks which programs try to modify Windows hosts file. If the program is trusted, no popup will appear and the program appears in the Online Armor Hosts list automatically. Is the program not trusted, you will be asked if that program is allowed to modify the hosts file. If you choose to block or allow this and checked the 'remember my decision', a rule is created in the Online Armor Hosts list which shows if that program is or is not allowed to modify the hosts file.
  9. That's not how this system works. With the referral program rewards the existing license duration is extended.
  10. No, it's not a bug. The Emsisoft Referral Rewards Program works with licensed versions and trial versions. It's impossible to add extra days to a freeware license.
  11. queenslander, If a program tries to modify the hosts file and this is allowed or blocked, it will be listed in OA Hosts file. http://www.emsisoft.com/en/info/oa/Hosts.shtml So, if S&D didn't try to modify the hosts file yet, it's not listed there. You may wait till that happens or try to force it with a manual S&D update and immunization. If a program is not trusted in OA, and it tries to modify the hosts file, you'll see a popup and can choose to allow or block this and create a rule to remember this decision. If a program is trusted in OA, there's no popup and the program that modified the hosts file appears in the OA Hosts file list. More info about the hosts file; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hosts_(file)
  12. queenslander, i'm not familiar with S&D but i think that a manual update and clicking the immunization button would do the trick.
  13. If the option 'Hide trusted' is unticked, and the program still doesn't show in the list, it did not update the hosts file yet.
  14. queenslander, Check if the option 'Hide trusted' is ticked. If it is, trusted programs don't show in the list.
  15. queenslander, Downloadlink: http://dl.emsisoft.com/OnlineArmorSetup.exe or http://download11.emsisoft.com/OnlineArmorSetup.exe Installation information: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/info/oa/Installing.shtml
  16. dale4948. Open Online Armor > Programs. Find the blocked program, Select that program, click 'Trust' and click 'Allow' If Online Armor shows a popup to allow a program, and you only allow one thing the program wants to do, you will most likely see more popups for all other things the program wants to do. When you trust that program, trust it in the first popup and you won't see other popups for the same program.
  17. shaun279 Could you attach a scan report with those bad cookies?
  18. What is the setting for Privacy Risks?
  19. shaun279, In Guard > Surf Protection there's an option to block Privacy Risks. Is this option enabled?
  20. haiku, Enabling Beta updates is at your own risk! Beta updates may cause some unforseen issues, that's the reason why we're testing the Beta updates If you want to enable Beta updates you have to enable them in Configuration > Update settings.
  21. haiku, The scan reports are stored in My Documents\Anti-Malware\Reports\ If you're running the Beta version they can also be accessed via Logs > Scan In the scan selection window is a link 'On scan end' where you can configure what to do when the scan finishes.
  22. haiku, The information you're asking for should be available in the scan logs.
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