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  1. Hi Gavrilla, PM sent. Please check your Peronal Messages on this forum
  2. Hi Gavrilla, If the 3 PC key is used for the referral program, 60 days will be added to each PC.
  3. Jeremy. I placed the minidump in the Windows minidump folder on my XP system and shutdown/restart OA. The minidump is detected. Submitted Greyed, because this one is submitted. I don't know why you didn't see the submit id info. The upload was performed in the blink of the eye, may be you accidentally clicked the close button?
  4. Hi Jeremy, Did you save the submit-id somewhere? If you did, what is the submit-id? If you didn't save it, could you please send the minidump to Emsisoft support with a link to this topic? Could you please attach the minidump to your next reply?
  5. What other security software is installed? The countries restriction is working just fine on my XP system.
  6. a-user-2 You'll have to add at least one connection and/or one country before those restrictions work. If you want to block all network traffic you can select that option in the tray menu or use Ctrl+Alt+N
  7. Thanks for letting us know you were able to perform the scan
  8. socal5252, You're free to create a new folder anywhere. Nothing is installed, only extracted to that folder. Once extracted, you can start the menu with start.exe or start the emergency kit scanner with emergencykit.exe in the Run folder.
  9. socal5252, Did you extract all files first? You need to extract all files to a folder or USB stick before you can run start.exe or emergencykit.exe.
  10. Fatality81, A license for 1 user is not meant to be used on 3 computers at the same time. If the 1 user license is used on 3 computers at the same time, Emsisoft Anti-Malware's full protection will only be guaranteed on one computer.
  11. I'm glad it's fixed now You're absolutely right. The link i gave you for the uninstall tool was only for a description of the tool on the bleeping computer website. If you follow the link you'll get the tool from download.zonealarm.com, it is also digitally signed by Check Point Software Technologies. Ltd. I even tested the tool on my own XP system to make sure it doesn't break anything, before i did post that link here. The free version or trial version of Emsisoft Anti-Malware are also using keys. Keys are assigned automatically during installation/activation. If that fails for some reason, the message "The update process was terminated. Your key can't be found in the database, please obtain a new one" is shown.
  12. JeremyNicoll, It's possible that some ZAP components were not removed completely. Here is a ZoneAlarm Uninstall tool that might help.
  13. Stevie, I guess that message is shown because the link that you used is not yet known in their database. The small difference in the download link (download6 instead of download4) most likely triggered the phishing protection.
  14. Ok, Emsisoft Anti-Malware also contains the Mamutu Behavior Blocker.
  15. MrHacker, Could you please give me a screenshot of the error message in a Personal Message? Or attach it to a forum post, but be sure that all private information is censored. Press the "More Reply Options" button to attach an image.
  16. I've checked the files on all our download servers, had no issues except that the file on server 4 was damaged. I'll give you some more links: http://download10.emsisoft.com/EmsisoftInternetSecuritySetup.exe http://download11.emsisoft.com/EmsisoftInternetSecuritySetup.exe http://download12.emsisoft.com/EmsisoftInternetSecuritySetup.exe
  17. Stevie, the file is damaged on download server 4, Please use this link or this link to download the file from another download server.
  18. Stevie, Please try the setup file for Emsisoft Internet Security Pack from server 5 or server 6 The one on server 4 is damaged (check digital signature)
  19. Ok, as long as you know an easy tool to use for the hashes it's good. I'm pretty sure when you download another signed file the same size or bigger than the EISP setup file, you won't see the digital signatures tab in XP either. It's just a weird XP bug that solved itself on my XP test system.
  20. You're welcome. To quickly check hashes in XP, i use HashTab which is also simple and easy.
  21. MrHacker, What language is chosen in Mamutu? I just performed a clean install in English language and had no issues with creating a new account and activating the trial version.
  22. JeremyNicoll, The setup files for Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Internet Security are replaced with newer ones every day. This way the setup files contain the latest malware signatures. With Firefox you got the setup from march 7, with IE you got the setup file from march 8. In 4 or 4,5 hours the march 9 setup file is on the downloadservers. When the digital signature is valid, the file is original No idea why NOD32 detects a damaged archive. Try Sigcheck from Mark Russinovich (Microsoft). That tool shows all you need to know. The Emsisoft Internet Security Pack setup file contains the Emsisoft Anti-Malware installer and the Online Armor installer. If you don't trust the EISP setup file because XP doesn't show the digital signatures tab for this file, you can always download and install Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Online Armor separately. Those files are smaller and XP should show the digital signatures tab for these files on your system.
  23. JeremyNicoll, I just checked the mentioned file from downloadserver 4; Size 263,639,648 bytes MD5: F1098B85E34617C34D2B62C3A65E9D06 SHA-256: 78FDC24CD9A7D3D3CBA48D50D19F15A835D14A76CC7648B8630DB940FEB7CAC7 And it's a digitally signed file, signed march 8, 2013. I've seen a missing digital signature tab on my XP machine in the file properties window a while ago. Well, i didn't see that digital signature tab while it should be there... When i checked the exact same file (i didn't move it) in Windows 7 the digital signature tab was there. Some more info about the missing digital signature tab in XP can be found here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/922225
  24. Lode, The Emsisoft Emergency Kit can not be used to boot the system ("Je kunt er niet een systeem mee opstarten als Windows helemaal niet meer werkt" in Dutch)
  25. Lode, The number of malware definitions is the same, just perform an update before you scan with the Emergency Kit scanner. The malware definitions are stored on the USB stick or in the Emergency Kit folder on your system. The download is always a zip file with the Emergency Kit scanner files and latest malware definitions. It is refreshed on the download servers every day.
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