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  1. Lode, Open Emsisoft Anti-Malware > Guard > Host Rules. Select 'Built in list' and type zemana in the search field. Doubleclick the entry 'zemana.com', or select the entry and click the 'Edit rule' button, and change the rule. Once changed, the rule for zemana.com is moved from the 'Built in list' to 'My own' list.
  2. Edgar, It's not possible to run those programs all together. There's no patch or tweak to make that possible.
  3. smallhagrid, Could you please check if the HIPS features are disabled? Rightclick the Online Armor icon in taskbar (system tray) and if the menu shows "Activate HIPS Features", click that option. You need to restart the computer to apply the new settings.
  4. Edgar, Could you please check Online Armor History and Emsisoft Anti-Malware > Logs > Guard, for any blocked programs? Is any other security software running on that system?
  5. erniemink, If you use Online Armor in advanced mode, could you please check if the problem is solved in standard mode?
  6. Hi User, Please check your personal messages on this forum.
  7. Vuurmuur, You can add rules for any domain that you want to block. Open Guard > Host Rules Click "Add new rule" Enter the domain e.g. "adchoices.com" and select "Block silently".
  8. VinoBob, Please check in Online Armor > Firewall > Computers, if the other computers are trusted.
  9. OldGifford, If a program is shown as trusted program it's not excluded. Excluded programs don't show in programs list. It is recommended to exclude other security software. Open Online Armor > Options > Exclusions. Add the Microsoft Security program folder and Trusteer Rapport folder. If possible, exclude Online Armor in the other security software.
  10. Is Microsoft Security Essentials excluded in Online Armor?
  11. OldGifford, Is other security software excluded in Online Armor? Are there programs in the Online Armor programs list which are not trusted?
  12. Steve1209, The EAM version 7 GUI should show the last actual update, not the last check for updates. Previous versions of EAM showed the last check for updates.
  13. The safety check wizard in version 5 created a lot of rules for all kind of files on the system, just in case. Version 6 creates less rules during installation and only add rules when necessary. With a clean install of version 6 there are no rules stored for programs that you'll never use.
  14. Yes, OA version 6 should run faster with a clean install.
  15. AaLF, I think the a2service.exe is blocked by other security. Please check if the a2service.exe is allowed to access the internet.
  16. In the first popup i see: C:\Users\SmartProZ\ In the second popup i see: C:\Users\SMARTP~1\ Is patch_AntaALzSoftware.exe trusted in Online Armor > Programs? If it's not, and you're sure it's safe, trust the program. If that doesn't help, doubleclick the program patch_AntaALzSoftware.exe in Online Armor > Programs and check the "Installer" option.
  17. It's not the same popup. Check Online Armor history for more information.
  18. "Last update:" shows when the last update was installed. It does not show the last check for updates. So, if nothing is installed, the time doesn't change. This behavior is changed in Version 7.
  19. Hmmm... what happens if you check for updates again? You should receive version
  20. Why did you install ? The final release is Check for updates or install as an upgrade.
  21. Trekner, I'm glad the issue is solved in Standard mode. In Advanced mode there are more restrictions and when there are more restrictions there is a greater chance that something will be blocked. This 'block' does not show in Online Armor history, only in the firewall logs (if logging is enabled) and sometimes it might be difficult to figure out what exactly was blocked and why it was blocked and manually create a rule to prevent this block in the future. The easiest way to solve this problem is to run the program in Standard mode, rules are created (if the program is trusted) and there should be no issue when you switch back to Advanced mode afterwards. Unless the program tries to do new things that are blocked by the extra restrictions in Advanced mode.
  22. Trekner, If you are using Online Armor Premium in Advanced mode, could you please switch to Standard mode and try again?
  23. Trekner, Are all files related to Firefall trusted in Online Armor > Programs? Does Online Armor history show any information about this issue?
  24. rc91, Open Emsisoft Anti-Malware > Guard > File Guard and click "Manage whitelist'. In the first column (Type), select process. Click in the second column (Item), a tiny blue button appears. Click that button and navigate to the file Dbgview.exe on your PC and select that file. Click OK. On my machine it looks like this: Once the process Dbgview.exe is excluded/whitelisted the machine will not lockup when you save the DebugView logs.
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