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  1. Hi After installing Emsisoft Anti-Malware, everytime I log in I am getting a dialog box with an OK button saying "The operation completed successfully". The box gives no other details, but looking in the Windows Task Manager shows that the program displaying this dialog box is ComHookMonitor MFC Application. If I uninstall Emsisoft Anti-Malware then the box no longer appears on log in. I am running Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) v1703.15063.502. There are no other security programs installed.
  2. Yes, please continue developing OA. I just couldn't get on with EIS.
  3. Interesting. In other threads it has been stated that no decision has been made as to whether OA will continue to be developed. However, getting the strong feeling that OA's days are numbered. I agree that if you aren't going to continue supporting & developing OA then you should let us know - we have paid for the product after all. It should also be noted that this problem is more than a simple annoyance.
  4. I imagine that a lot of people don't realize that Online Armor is the source of the problem when the Windows Update fails. It's somewhat disappointing that after 6 months there still doesn't appear to be a fix in sight.
  5. Hi, I am experiencing this problem too. I assume the following entry in the History is related to problem: Autorun detected: {17FE9752-0B5A-4665-84CD-569794602F5C},22/06/2014 14:17:04,Blocked,{17FE9752-0B5A-4665-84CD-569794602F5C} I have logging enabled, but don't know where it is written to.
  6. Thanks for this Just had the same problem. Thanks for this.
  7. I tried getting the VirtualBox developers to look into this problem, but their forum blocked the uploading of the file types that I was trying to provide & no-one over there responded to the analysis provided by the Online Armor developers that I posted on their forum. I found that uninstalling & reinstalling VirtualBox from scratch (with Online Armor remaining installed) fixed the problem for me. So, if you haven't already tried to reinstall VirtualBox, it might be worth a go. Let us know the outcome.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. I have uninstalled VirtualBox on one of my Win7 installations & indeed it no longer appears to blue screen. Have asked on the VirtualBox forum how I can send the dump file to the VirtualBox Dev's (they don't allow .dmp files to be uploaded to their forum!) I am now waiting for a response from their forum.
  9. Interesting. Any idea why it only occurrs with Online Armor v5.1.0.1331 installed?
  10. Hi Attached are the files from the last Blue Screen crash. Regards, Mark
  11. Have been experiencing this problem (on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit). Upgraded to latest stable release v5.1.0.1331 Found that I could now install & run Google Picasa (one of the programs that was causing the error for me). However, an automated update & run of Thunderbird causes my machine to repeatedly Blue Screen. Uninstalled Online Armor Premium (by booting in Windows Safe Mode) & machine returns to running Thunderbird without a problem.
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