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  1. My start page on Chrome & i.e. & Firefox have been hijacked by qone8. Just the start page is involved. the extra tabs r fine. http://start.qone8.com/?type=sc&ts=1400722665&from=smt&uid=SanDiskXSDSSDHP128G_132504402463 Is it necessary to d/load the emergency Kit for this? All is OK except 4 this start page. FRST scan attached.
  2. Can someone tell me what JRT is plz. My 3 browser homepages also have Qone8.com e.g. http://start.qone8.com/?type=sc&ts=1400722665&from=smt&uid=SanDiskXSDSSDHP128G_132504402463
  3. The re-install seems to stall updating. Do u think as I've installed/reinstalled a few times trying to solve this issue the server is blocking me for too many installs? If yes what action is needed?
  4. I'll reinstall Emsisoft & report back.
  5. Yes. LnS has been with me 4 yrs. I'm not keen on replacing it. How would my good ol' LnS be involved? EAM has full net access.
  6. I reinstalled MBAM when i uninstalled EMS. If u have a solution i'll uninstall MBAM & reinstall EMS ok? I dont c the point in both. Do I really needMBAM if EMS is running?
  7. O.K. Here's the files from the scan Addition.txt FRST.txt
  8. I often need to get up & walk away from the PC for periods of time. On return when waking the PC by nudging the mouse the PC is very sleepy with the screen pointer 'spinning' indicating the system is busy and many times I end up running out of patience & reboot with the kill switch its so slow. I turned off the behavior monitor but no improvement. Its not scanning in my abscence. On uninstall all is well. (Win7x64.)
  9. Any benefit in keeping MBAM when I have EAM? (Note- I'm a conservative safe surfer. I don't venture over to the darkside websites.)
  10. Guys I want to run the free version of EAM7on the old PC as its relatively internet free. Ffor a weekly scan, is AEM7 & The emergency Kit equal? Which one should I use here?
  11. Will EAM7-free delete a virus or malware when it finds one during scanning or just give me the bad news I'm infected? In free-mode' if a malware activates will EAM7 pounce on it or is EAM7 asleep except whilst manually scanning?
  12. EAM7 as I understand includes the Bitdefender engine. So can I consider myself covered for AM & AV or is one supposed to take on an antivirus program as well?
  13. Guys, If I find EAM7 'on sale' this season & buy it - when does the 12months start? Date of purchase or date of activation?? If activation date, and I buy now in November 2012 when do I have to finally install it to commence the "12 months cycle'?? Would I get say 1o months to activate it??( e.g. September 2013)
  14. Thanks Thomas. Any compatibility problems with Kaspersky in the same OS?
  15. Guys I've had some issues with my PC & have installed & uninstalled EAM at least twice. There was no problem with EAM. Just wanted to test other products. But on reinstall when I input lic. & hit next EAM says no network connection. I've checked & disabled all possibilities as far as i can see. Is it possible EAM has low tolerence for install uninstall and is blocking me - '3 strikes & your out'? N.B. Lic is valid until Jan 2013.
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