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  1. Forgot to mention that I ran Secunia Online Software Inspector and only had to update the Adobe Flash Player (The detected version installed on your system is 11.4.402.265 (NPAPI), however, the latest patched version released by the vendor, fixing one or more vulnerabilities, is11.4.402.287 (NPAPI).)
  2. OK, Qoobox is gone. Thanks. I'll be taking up my NOD32 Startup issue on their Support Forum. Everything else seems OK. As stated previously, once we're completely done with this (I guess we're pretty much there now), I'll be making a system backup and then trying (again) to move to SP3. Maybe I'll actually be able to boot into Windows after the upgrade this time, thanks to you. (hopeful...) File system access is still good. Browsers running quickly and smoothly. System boot running smoothly and in good time - all normal. Not experiencing undue delays (lag) over network (especially when ga
  3. Before this gets closed, I want to mention that I am having a problem with setting my system so that NOD32 starts with the system. For some reason at the moment I have to put a shortcut in the Startup folder in Windows in order to have the program load at boot time. I may have to go to the ESET site to try to get help for this. I have looked thoroughly through the application settings but can't seem to find anything.
  4. -Ran OTC. Program ran and rebooted system -Deleted tweaking.com_windows_repair from Desktop (was wondering if this was a utility I should keep) -CFscript was eaten by ComboFix -Tried to delete folder Qoobox from Desktop but access denied -Downloaded CCleaner Portable from link provided. Window presented when run was slightly different from what you presented. My post-run screen cap of CCleaner is attached. -About to run Windows Update and then Secunia Online Software Inspector. Will report back. Note re: Windows Update - Once we are finished I'm going to back up my system before I try t
  5. Things are running very smoothly now. I was going to mention that I'm booting normally now ever since you did that ninja move with the Ethernet cable. Haven't had any hangs yet on the file system. Browsers are smooth and quick. Internet connection seems more stable - I had been having problems, but not experiencing those symptoms as yet. Case closed and a very large "Thank You"? I'm still going to move slowly forward with turning back on certain items in the config Startup. Going to make sure nothing is a problem before moving ahead.
  6. I hope this ran OK. I was called away from the machine. When I came back it had rebooted. Here is the log.
  7. Got a crash message on running ComboFix although it continued to run, completed, and generated a log. I'm posting the log but I think I will have to try running it again.
  8. Not going to apply these changes unless/until instructed, but want to pass along information about updated the PC is requesting.
  9. Ran the utility. Mistakenly left my Antivirus running when I kicked it off. Didn't notice until a couple of tasks had completed already. I then deactivated it. I did have problems getting back into Normal mode after rebooting. Tried disconnecting the Ethernet cable again and rebooted twice, no luck. So, I plugged the cable back in and tried it again - Funny but that worked, and it's been booting into Normal Windows since. Occasional file system issue where the system hangs for almost a minute before returning control and taking the requested action. I was able to open an Explorer window, but w
  10. Found the problem. Firewall. Will run and report back.
  11. Downloaded Windows Repair by Tweaking.com Portable Version from the Bleepingcomputer site to my Desktop and extracted there as instructed. Cannot execute Repair_Windows.exe because when I try to run it, I get the following dialog box: "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have appropriate permissions to access the item. I am the only user on this PC and have Administrator rights, so I don't know why I'm not being allowed to run this program. I re-downloaded and re-extracted the file just in case, with the same result. Also downloaded .zip file from Major Geek
  12. No.... How did you do that? .... .... and what's next?
  13. Ok, done. Here is the result. I also changed back the Services entry for ESET. Thank you.
  14. Instructions followed. ComboFix log attached. I would like to go back into services and put back ESET to Automatic as I had changed it to Manual while trying to figure out how to turn the service off. Won't do that just yet, but I did want to alert you to the situation, just in case it mattered. Thanks a bunch.
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