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  1. Update. Everything is O.K. After i shut down my PC and maybe 1 hour later restarted it, def number is normal - 4 875 819. Not 1 200 000 .
  2. Maybe 4 hours ago definitions were about 4 869 000. Now (after i get a huge update of maybe 70 MB - I have only - 1 208 200 definitions. And that is not plus to what i had. I have only 1 million 208 thousand and 200 . It is ok if after update Emsisoft looses let's say 10000 - 50000 and more definitions, and i know and understand the reason. But question is - what happened now? Emsisoft lost more than 3 millions? Regards.
  3. Thank you Emsi and Fabian for your replay. I perfectly understand a lot of things. I just was checking. Thanks for this great software. Hope i won't have to go to this site in order to clean my infected PC B) . Good night
  4. Thank you for answers. About collected data: i juast was wandering what would happen if some or several users allow (whithout their godd knoledge of what is happening in their PCs) will pass the information to Emsisoft servers and the possible risk will be transmitted to others?
  5. Hi everybody. 3 questions: 1.Emsisoft antimalware - does it has heuristics in File guard component/module? maybe 2 months ago i noticed, when using Emsisoft free, that in custom scan doesn't appear anymore heuristic scan. This option isn't present in Emsisoft antimalware trial which i am using. 2 question: does Emsisoft antimalware protects against drive-by download infection. Avira premium has this option, and i couldn't find it in Emsisoft. I still feel safe because i am using Sandboxie, Comodo and My brains. . 3 question. When Emsisoft lab guys are receiving rapports from users about blocked or allowed apps during updates, do they - the brave guys in lab -are Analising these rapports, or this dirty labor is reserved for robots? If this is a businnes secret - i won't be unhappy if nobody will answer to this question. After these questions i want to say a thing: i like emsisoft. It takes more RAM and virtual memory than Avira premium, still my PC is running faster then with the first love Avira premium. Regards and best wishes - Drag.
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