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  1. OA 'Programs List' has MANY duplicate (except for date) 'Trusted' entries. When could/should some of the older duplicate entries be deleted... and how to determine which ones ? Thoughts ?
  2. Old topic but currently having similar problem. Domains blocked at OA list, *.domain.com & domain.com, but SUPERAntiSpyware is finding their cookies all over the place. Do need to switch to different firewall per discussion at http://forums.techarena.in/networking-security/1382565.htm ? Thoughts ? Using OA Free edition vers
  3. Thank you for the reply. As far as I know, OA was running normally (am not familiar with 'Learning Mode') when the error message popped up. And, this same error message has popped up at other times not associated Windows Updates, this was just the latest.
  4. Getting subject error message last few weeks (see attached scrnshot). No idea why. Place to look ?
  5. Thanks much ! Am having some other problems with the PC (cant get IE connection, flashes like starting and then get 'IE encountered a problem' standard error message, etc) so all-in-all maybe good time to try installing SP3. Not sure what to do about te MBAM thing... ideas ? Again, thanks for the info... may be back later
  6. Sent file with PM. Hopefully what is needed. Thanks again.
  7. Thank you for the followup. A photo copy of the error message is attached. Am assuming the minidump file is C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini052212-01.dmp (64kb) ? Does BellaVista put it in a special form, or can it be analyzed directly ? Would rather not load another program if not needed. Let us know. Thanks again.
  8. Getting WindowsXP blue screen white characters, 'BAD_POOL_HEADER' error message... *** STOP: 0x00000019 (0x00000020, 0x88B89358, 0x88B839400, 0x0A15001) ...during scan of 'System files' when using Step-by-step wizard to install OA free version. So far, tried twice, getting same message each time. Thoughts ?
  9. Thank you for the reply and the candor. At least I still have (does have Websites section) on another PC and can take a look at un-installing 5 and re-installing 4, etc. Guess thats (less info, flex, etc) what comes with 'free' and 'new/updated' technology... and everything else these days Hopefully we still have a few old work-around folks left. Thanks again.
  10. Thank you for the background and info. Would like to 'experiment'... seems like cant lose much more than already have, and last resort is just un-install and re-install ? Are there any posts or current staff/folks who have any of that (file names etc) info, who could pass it along to an 'experimenter'. Hard to imagine that type of knowledge is not available from the current developers ? Thanks again for your help.
  11. I'm not sure I understand what programs you are referring to exactly? Do you have "Hide Trusted" unticked in the Program's list? If so, you should be able to see a large list of programs and any that aren't present will be detected when you first run them. Had a custom Program list, like the custom Domains list, ie programs added by this user (see previous Programs list scrnshot). Usually when upgrade a program, like we did originally with OA, it does not delete past data. That is the source of the original question here, not the reinstall etc. Really just need to know what new/updated files hold the Program or Domains lists, so can replace it with the old file/s. So, it sounds like any 'import/export' option is not possible, given the number of upgrades and all the 'trial and error' we have tried so far. Another reason for info on what data files can be replace with old data files. Am assuming if reverting, would revert with full backup of all OA program files with should contain old data ? Again... is it not possible to determine what are the names of the data files in question, Programs and Domains ?
  12. Am surprised there was such a gap, but also surprised that an upgrade from 4.0 to 5.0 would lose so much previous setup/information without some kind of warning etc. Did as you suggested, un-installed, rebooted couple times, reinstalled (checked startup folder box, used setup wizard, etc) and orig Programs (except programs set up with the install wizard) and Domains lists were still missing. Seems like there should be a data file that would have the Domains list, Programs list, etc, which could be replaced with a backup file or text info. Is there someone who we could contact (email etc) who could address that technical question ? Btw, the way this latest version updating is working, it seems like any 'customization' (like 'adding' special domains etc) is not going to be possible without the risk of loosing it all with an update. Is it possible to revert to the previous version (4.0...) which had all of our custom entries ?
  13. Thanks again for the followup. Am sure the last version of OA was very close to the latest version (see attached screenshot of previous Progam list, not directly related to this question, although that list is also missing). Am pretty good about updating when alerted by OA, and usually have any auto update alert set to notify. But regardless, what is the file the holds the list, and can we just replace the current file with the previous version file, or, do we need to do a formal 'import', and if so, what should we import from to where ?
  14. Thank you for the reply and info. Just to verify that we are talking about the same thing, have attached a scrnshot of 'missing' Domains list. Have also added a couple domain names (to the empty list) for the scrnshot, like the couple 200 or so on the original list, that blocked cookies like no browser could. I can go ahead and try to manually replace the list, although if will take hours and of course cannot be sure that the next OA upgrade will not delete them all again, but thought there may be in a data file that has the original list in my backup/s that could replace the existing empty file. In the meantime guess will be enjoying the 'ad/spam' cookies the come with every website, and spending additional time, with Ad-Aware and CCleaner, deleting them. Looked at the 5.0 release notes but could not find anything that directly talked about this question... although there was a lot to look at, and may have missed it.
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