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  1. I've run the EEK scan and it comes up clean but I ran the AVZ4 and it said I had a Trojan and FU Rootkit I found the file and deleted it but the problem is I have also formatted my harddive and reinstalled Windows 7-64bit but when I reinstall Online-Armor ++ and do the software and signature updates it tell me that the OA: File Reference.dat, and oahlp_s.RUS files are corrupted. Is there anyway to manually download and instal the definations and updates?
  2. I am running OA Premium on my laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, I'm trying to get Sandboxie to run and notice in the History log that ieframe.dll and mswock.dll are being blocked even though I've added them to the Program List and they are listed as allowed. I know I'm missing something can someone help point me in the right direction. Thanks, Rick
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