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  1. Since there are other problems with the system, I think I'll just do a fresh reinstall. Thanks for all your help.
  2. So was malware identified at some point in this process? I'd just like to know.
  3. No, I used TrueCrypt to make a virtual drive in a file for work documents to protect confidentiality, but I've since deleted the file. If I needed to, I could reinstall windows just to be sure.
  4. No threats detected. In case I didn't state this earlier, I ran TDSSKILLER before I found this website. It also did not find any threats at that time. Thanks.
  5. My computer is kind of wigging out today. I put it to sleep and the wireless indicator light stayed on. There are several running services I don't recognize or understand, including four instances of clr_optimization_xx (two versions in 32 bit, two in 64 bit); defragsvc (which I've neither scheduled nor initiated), something called dot3svc / Wired AutoConfig and a number of other oddities.
  6. It seems to be running well. After I ran combofix the browsers couldn't connect to the internet but then I remembered to restart. Its running quiet and does not seem to be constantly accessing the hard drive. I have a question. I use my computer for banking and credit card payments. Do I need to take measures to protect those accounts?
  7. Thank you for this! I updated Java and ran the fix as instructed. The only unusual thing I'm noticing right now is the battery power is getting consumed incredibly fast--20% in 45 minutes, for a battery that normally lasts 6 hours. Also, I just got a pop-up warning that I've seen many times and always ignored, citing an "invalid security certificate" at updatecg.com:443. I just allowed Java updater to access the internet and I'm wondering if that's a bad idea. The OTL log is attached. Thanks!
  8. The free edition of Emisoft Anti-Malware found four trojan files. I allowed it to quarantine the files before finding this forum. I've been having trouble for a week. I'm running Windows 7 on a new Sony laptop (I5, 4GB Ram). Last week I let my firewall allow what looked like a java update and got a blue screen of death (forgot to write the codes), after which the PC would not boot. I attempted multiple system restores and startup repairs using the included utilities, and tried several fixes offered in forums like this. I believe the one that made the difference was a command-line boot sector
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