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  1. Okay, done. Seems to be ok. Anything I should look for? Run another scan?
  2. OTL will not run. It got shut down again, this time as an invalid program or something. I clicked on the shortcut again and it had been 'removed'.....
  3. Okay this is wild. I had to redownload OTL and the first time EAM quarantined it with an alert. The second time I tried, I got this message: attached I did go to eam and restore it. Just thought you should see it. That happened in the beginning also, when I was following the first instructions to get help. I am going to run it now. Hope it's ok!
  4. okay let me shutdown all anti virus stuff and I will try again
  5. A program I actually forgot was running. Spybot Search and Destroy. When I clicked on 'ignore' and run anyway, it didn't. This happened twice and I wasn't sure it was a false alert or not.
  6. When I started the .exe, it was shut down immediately as unsafe. I am hoping this is just a mistake. If you tell me to try it again I will but that freaked me out!
  7. Oh, also the EAM scan found nothing this time. Not sure what to believe at this point.
  8. Is there another way to 'paste' the screen shot? I only know to put it into a word document. I am going to try to save it as a .jpg
  9. Well I tried the combofix and it was a mess! I ran it three times and when it was 'creating' a log, it sat like that for an hour or so. It never did end right. I also had no internet access at this time. I had to a system restore again, as I did earlier~! I am currently running my EAM scanner again to see what happens. BTW, during all this, I had to reinstall firefox and thunderbird as both got corrupted.