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  1. ok i payed full price for antimalware i can pm you my key if need be. i want to run the pro-version of OA but dont wanna pay another69dollars for just online armor pro when i have the main part. no time for a sad but true story im disabled and broke back am on a limited income now and i cant afford to pay 60bucks for onl;ine armor now had i bought it with a package deal to begin with (confusing links) then i would have only paid 10bucks more for the pro version. feel free to private msg me if you could ever so kindly help me get a year license for online armor pro, it would be m,uch appreacaited but if you could atleast help me figure how to get the other half of the security suit (since i have the paid version of anti-malware) if i coulod purchase it for a discount price or somthin way discounted from 39.99 cant afford that paid 69.99 i think for the other half aloready. but if you could direct me in that regard that woul;d work to. thanks look forward from gettin an email from you have a good day
  2. i have run this on both windows 7 and windows 8 x64bit and has happened both times once on OA and a different tim on antimalwar permanent each time. but when i reboot even though its selected to start at startup it dont i have to manualy start it then when it comes up it ask me for my key everytime (yes im registyered) all goes through and off to play. this screen looks like the screen youd see if your expired or just installed it. but why is it doing this and how can i fix it
  3. saw the license center but it says I don't have an account and couldn't figure out how to sign up
  4. want to reset programs tab and firewall tab back to default how do I do this in OA? also I noticed somthin I don't think was there before but theres 2 active example rules under the files and registry tab are they suppose to be there??
  5. was wondering if iwent with online armor free edition wich eventualy id upgrade to pro but not in 30days what would I not get? whats in the premium edition of the firewall that the free edition would not have? and would it work on X64
  6. how can i reset online armor to factory default or somthin, or would it be better to uninstall and reinstall?
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