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  1. The thing is I'm not using keygen or crack. That's seperate. I'm just talking about the setup here. Which something was found with A-Squared, but not my Avira AV. It would be easier if I just send you the setup and you can scan and see what the problem is.
  2. Here is the log attached in the attachment. If you guys want the setup file please ask I will send it to you.
  3. Yes I wanna still investigate the problem, but how do I post logs etc...
  4. I really know where to post, but I think it's here. The Cubase 5 Setup, is the original setup. But scanned it with A-Squared and got something, so thinking if it's a false positive because my AV didn't find it. Is there a place I can upload setup.exe for you guys to scan and check it out to see if it is a false positive?
  5. Cubase 5 Setup.exe, I scanned it with my AV, but A-Squared found a virus.batch deleter or something?
  6. My program in program files. Called kontakt2.exe (which is a Native Instruments Kontakt 2), this never been found before. Scanned with other spyware programs, done a AV scan, nothing found. But scanned with A-squared comes up "High Risk" ?
  7. Ok, been awhile since I replied back to this post. 2nd time tried A-Squared to see if it gonna dissappear over night, it didn't. So I'm assumming it has something to do with screensaver?
  8. Lynx, by auto submitting how do I disable that? I have disabled screensaver, and done it over night scan, I woke up today and A-squared did not close. So maybe it's the screensaver? To be on the safe side I will do it again tonight and make sure. If it's the screensaver, that's really wierd, why does A-squared close when screensaver is on?
  9. Thanks for trying to help me guys, really appreciate it. Hmmmm, well I never use hibernation, it's disabled. But I do have a screensaver on.
  10. No, I would know when my computer reboots because I have a password logon.
  11. I am using an account with admin rights. It's just really wierd whenever I deep scan with A-squared. Once the scan finishes. It's all good I can remove cookies and whatever. The only thing is when I leave the deep scan over night and the next morning, I don't get to see what A-squared has found. A-square is just closed. Thanks, I hope you can find out the problem!
  12. Ummmm, yeh I think so all programs are alive.
  13. I can't find it, all I see is A-Squared Free.
  14. I don't know how to check my version, if you could please tell me, would be nice. But I think it's version 4.5, but yeh whenever I do a deep-scan and leave it over night, the next morning, the A-squared is gone?
  15. How come when I do a deep scan, when it finishes. I delete the bad things. It's okay. But if I do a deep scan, and just leave it over-night, I come back to my computer in the morning, A-Squared is gone?
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