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  1. Thank you. Could you please precise whether after 08.IV.2016 you will provide signature updates for older versions of EIS working on WinXP?
  2. And any new information about supporting WinXP after 8th April 2016? I mean EIS, of course, It would be nice to know, if you like to plan your security solution.
  3. I have a question: after 31st March 2016 will I be able to use Online Armor on my PC or not? What will happen exactly? There is a number of firewalls which work quite well though they are not supported, such as Kerio or Sygate. Of course, the database and the program components will not be updated, and so on, but will the program (OA) work, disconnected from the Emsisoft servers?
  4. Thank you! So, it wouldn't be a good idea to discontinue such a good product, am I right? Perhaps instead of this, some promotional activities would help to further develop OA...
  5. Has anybody tested Online Armor protection against all that crypto-something malware (CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, TorrentLocker, CoinVault, OphionLocker, etc.)? Is OA a good and sufficient tool to protect against them, or should we look for other, more specific programs devoted to the anty-ransom, crypto-preventing protection? I mean also the new generation (whatever it means) of that kind of malware.
  6. So, EIS is released, congratulations! And now could you please tell us something about your plans regarding the possible future development of Online Armor?
  7. OK, thank you for your reply! BTW, I found the indirect way to close the ports: Firewall -> Rules -> Ports -> New -> (All programs, Deny, Protocol: Both, Direction: Both)
  8. I have the two following questions: 1. according to the last post: how to close ports, say 10000-65535, for both TCP and UDP; I tried to do it in Firewall -> Restricted Ports -> Add, but I was not able to enter a ports interval 2. when will you introduce to OA the firewall solutions you want to apply in EIS
  9. GT500, thank you for your help and the detailed description. I read somewhere that the problem could be related to some DNS remnants and it's harmless. Now, after new hosts file entries and the system restore I performed, everything seems to be OK. If any problems, I will report.
  10. OK, I found the solution to the problem: http://www.drwindows.de/windows-8-allgemein/68474-windows-8-1-versucht-eine-verbindung-herzustellen.html#post586718 It seems to work now, but I still don't understand the nature of the phenomenon experienced.
  11. OK, thank you for the reply. But OA also connects to this strange address: C:\Program Files\Online Armor\OAmine.exe, Outgoing TCP access allowed to: (www.crawlability.com;crawlability.com) so, maybe it's more general than an add-on problem? I hope it's not a malware...
  12. For a few days, I've received the OA popup message in tray, and it's also present in the History section of OA GUI: C:\Program Files\[...]\firefox.exe, Outgoing TCP access allowed to: (www.crawlability.com;crawlability.com) this happens when I switch on FF. And the similar message for Online Armor: C:\Program Files\Online Armor\OAmine.exe, Outgoing TCP access allowed to: (www.crawlability.com;crawlability.com) also, the same messages appear with one difference at the end, for the port number, e.g., What does it mean, this strange connection to 'crawlability.com'? Is this the name of the local host IP address
  13. Legend, thank you right, OA is a great firewall; even if some particular tests fail, it can be improved in future releases
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