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  1. Installing the new version seems to have done the trick. At first I didn't think it had worked because the new software still said I only had 10 days left on my subscription, but after I prompted it to update the signatures and rules, it finally recognized that I had renewed the subscription. Thanks for your help!
  2. I'm running OA 5.50.1557 on XP SP3. I just renewed my license yesterday, and when I update signatures and rules, the pop-up boxes say I have renewed, but the license info on my computer says I only have 11 days until OA expires. Why won't the software recognize the renewal? If it doesn't, what happens in 11 days?
  3. Tried to update again--this time OA says it is up to date, and there were no error messages and no update failure message in the history. It didn't seem to DO very much in the way of downloading and installing, but since it says it is up to date, I'll take that as a positive sign! Maybe there weren't many changes in the sigs and defs. Has everyone else gotten updated?
  4. Well, I am relieved to see that I am not the only one with update problems. I find that I can now get to online-armor.com, but that doesn't really help me very much in terms of getting updates... I tried updating signatures and rules manually just now (Sunday AM), and the update failed again, but this time I am getting a different message: "OA: Access violation at address 5B1AF53B in module OAui.exe. Read of address 00000000". I have no idea what that even means, unless my firewall is misinterpreting the updates as a threat and blocking them. I don't really want to turn on automatic updates to get sigs and rules, because I might also get automatically updated to the new version of the OA firewall, which I'm not ready to do yet, and from the posts above, it doesn't appear that having the new version makes the manual updating problem any better. Also, I'm not sure this is related, but today my History shows some sort of "kernel event" which says: OADriver: PostMessage, Msg: 49475/c143 3784 -> 3044, Deny (protected) Yesterday, there was also a different "kernel event": OADriver: PostMessage, Msg: 49450/c12a 1700 -> 804, Deny (protected) I have not seen the one about the corrupted file that others reported, though.
  5. I am running version, and I update my firewall manually. When I try to update the sigs and rules of OA, I get a message http:/1.1 502 Bad Gateway. I also get a "bad gateway" message when I try to get to online-armor.com. I am not having any internet connectivity issues, and I am able to update Windows and my antivirus. The firewall seems to be operating normally, apart from not letting me update. Why am I getting this message? Is there a problem with the update server? Is it because I haven't downloaded the latest version of the firewall yet? Please help.
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