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  1. OK, I got it, I'll do that way and see what is happening. Thanks for all. And I spoke to early. I still got that kernel event at game launch, with the game folder added in exclusions, but only at the first launch of the game after computer boot... I think.
  2. I checked at the time of game crashes, no related events in OA History. Now I excluded the game folder in options and the kernel event doesn't appear anymore. I'll let it that way if there are no other suggestions.
  3. I cannot tell, Online Armor is running all the time for me and I don't intend to disable it while playing just to wait for another crash. The described kernel event occurence is consistent with the game launch while game crashes are occasional. Thanks for the reply.
  4. OS: XP SP2 Avast! Free 6.0.1367 Online Armor Free Every time I start an online game called Free Allegiance, in the History section of Online Armor I get the folowing kernel event : OADriver: ZwQueryObject failed (see attachement). The executables of the games are trusted and allowed and still the same behaviour. I even tried to set full privileges for those executables in the Program section of the firewall but the kernel event remains. What does it mean? Can I do something about it? I get occasinal crashes of the game but I cannot relate them to Online Armor, they are ... ocasional Any ideas please?
  5. Today it happened again. Here it is the screenshot:
  6. Looking in Options ->License ->(To activate another key click here ) and clicking on here brings up a similar window to what I encountered, if not the same; I can't remember exactly .
  7. Sorry, didn't take a screenshot of it, it was a little window with the 3 mentioned choices and the fields for activation key (as I remember) or something. As I said it appears randomly at boot time and rarely. Thanks for the prompt reply.
  8. Sorry for the double post, tried to edit but I can't. Looking to History here it is what I found for the time when the above mentioned window appeared (see the attached file)
  9. Hello, I had a 4.5 version of OA ++ if I remember well (it was the giveawayoftheday version). At the end of the license I exported the settings and uninstalled it and installed the trial of OA 5 and imported the settings. It didn't worked very well in the sense that the boot time was a bit longer. So I uninstalled and installed the free version (the trial period expired). The boot time improved (I activate learning mode for a while) and having to allow the same program several times till the program remembers the setting is not such a big deal for me, I like OA and the way it works. The problem that bothers me is the registration window that randomly appears when I boot the pc requiring to buy, activate or choose the free version of the program (similar with what the first poster mentioned). When this is happening OA doesn't start automatically and after I press the free option in the window I have to manually start OA. Is there a way to make that not happening or is this the normal way OA free is functioning (i.e. random appearance of that window and program not starting)? And if you don't mind, what is the normal procedure to upgrade to OA 5.1 from 5.0? On top of existing version or uninstalling and installing the new version? Thanks