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  1. Sir/Madam, Last year I bought two licenses for emsisoft anti-malware on your "black friday sale," the day after the "THANKSGIVING" holiday in america, for 50% off your standard price. My question is, are you going to have a similar sale at the emsisoft.com site this year? Thank you, Rick Gallaher
  2. Sounds like I have the same problem as lee94513. I had installed EmsiSoft AntiMalware v6, took the one month trial, then at end when I was going to take the free version, it would not load and said, "file are corrupted." I then uninstalled with revo-uninstaller with intention of re-installing the free version of EmsiSoft AntiMalware v6, but now after in goes almost through the entire install, I get a message saying it cannot finish the install and I have no alternative but to "rollback" the install. EmsiSoft AntiMalware v6 is the best to find antimalware and get rid of it. I need it. Please help.
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