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  1. Well, that flies in the face of your online documentation, support threads here, direct contact I've had with helpdesk.emsisoft, cc.emsisoft and extensive hands-on experience. http://www.emsisoft.com/en/info/oa/Domains.shtml "The configuration in this section of the Online Armor Control Panel is also used for Banking mode." "Protected domains are allowed to be accessed in any mode." Considering some things get lost in translation, by virtue of "also" and "any" - simply stated, that means Trusted, Protected and Blocked Domains apply in ALL modes. Period. At one point in time I created sev
  2. dallas7, on 29 Nov 2013 - 3:17 PM, said: …not discussing banking mode. Fabian Wosar, on 29 Nov 2013 - 4:54 PM, said: …certain sites in banking mode… Oh well.
  3. I decided to hang back a bit to watch how this develops. I was motivated to return today when I found a Trusted entry for iobit.com. Iobit! Yes Fabian - this is a new development. If it wasn't a new development you wouldn't have users posting up exactly that. You keep going on about banking mode when clearly we are not discussing banking mode. All that chatter about DNS and CDN and yadda yadda contributed nothing at all. We are all trying to tell you this ONE THING: the Domains pane populates trusts all by itself. What in heavens name do you not understand?? THIS NEVER (repeat
  4. FYI & reiterate: Up to and including my #17 post on 10/23 I never engaged Domanins' Learn function. Quoting meself: "Do a complete uninstall/purge/re-install of OA, the very first time you see the System Status screen, immediately switch from Standard to Advanced mode. This will greatly inhibit the addition of new items. Switch back to Standard and things will start getting added again and returning to Advanced will not stop it." Just to make sure, I repeated this on 10/25 and observed the same behavior. As of that point in time with hopefully the last re-install, I've been workin
  5. Thanks for all the response. The Domains I presented in #11 populated without ever having done anything in Banking Mode or its Learn process and everything discussed prior to that without ever having done anything in Banking Mode or its Learn process. Every last one of them showed up all by themselves. And if a site is removed, it will show up again. In the meantime this is what I have discoverd this: Do a complete uninstall/purge/re-install of OA, the very first time you see the System Status screen, immediately switch from Standard to Advanced mode. This will greatly inhibit
  6. And after a couple of hours of afternoon and early evening surfing...
  7. I went ahead and did the uninstall double reboot and purged the system of any OA files and registry entries. I installed v7 and to my surprise, the Domains pane was completely empty. However, the addition of URLs persists. My German is bit rusty but with the assistance of Google Translate, it seems this user has the same concern, here about bing.com: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/12638-online-armor-7-beta-default-domains/ Not that it's any comfort, but I'm glad I'm not alone. Here's another screenshot taken after clearing all the URLs and spending about 10 minutes opening s
  8. Well, I'm not sure if my original question is still relevant as I thought You Tube was Emsisoft's. Now I know otherwise as there were several hundred domains in there right after I did the v6 to v7 update.. I don't even know what a default Domains would look like, Do you have anything in your Domains that doesn't look like it would anything to do with banking? It would be fairly obvious. Thanks.
  9. Good to know. But earlier I reported a comic strip (grimmy.com) and presently I have forum.palemoon.org, voicetoamerica.com and guns.com among others listed. Needless to say, I'm not wild about OA's improved banking mode, the inability to ignore specifically. While in this discussion, Christian or GT500 0r other Emsisoft support: 1) Does Domains do anything when NOT in Banking Mode? 2) Disabling Web Shield doesn't stop the behavior. What does, if any? 3) Can I get a default Domains.sav from one of you folks? In the meantime, Arthur forwarded my ticket to Andrey. Thank you
  10. This is also an addendum to Ticket ID #MIU-607-43517 I have since come to realize this has nothing to do DIRECTLY with from the folder of .URL files or the subscriptions in my RSS reader. I can delete all the entries in the Domains pane and after just a couple of minutes of surfing, it'll just begin populating itself. Emsisoft and Malwarebytes updates will add update.emsisoft.com and data-cdn.mbamupdates.com. Later on safebrowsing-cache.google.com, nimbus.bitdefender.net (TrafficLight Extension) and eventually there'll be 100's. In the interest of simplicity, an early post-cle
  11. There's a serious problem here. I imported my Domains.sav of 12 portected domains I've built over time. Immediately, OA begins to add and trust domains from my RSS reader (QuiteRSS), i.e. sott.net. There are about 70 subscriptions in that reader but only a handful are added. And upon doing a Check for Updates > Signatures and Rules Only, URLs from a folder of .URL files on my D: partition, i.e. grimmy.com (a comic strip), are added and trusted. There are 1460 .URL files in that folder but only a few hundered are added. I'm opening a ticket with addtional details and supportin
  12. Thanks for the continued development of Online Armor. The resident update run from v6 went smoothly. And running A-OK. I see now where Domains is populated with 100's of entries along with the dozen or so I built myself over time. The Options tab is gone, and as such no longer ignorable, so can one assume all those entries were previously referred to as the "Online Armor domains list"? If some of these are deleted (Trust youtube? I think not.) will they return upon a Signatures and Rules update? Thank you!
  13. Thank you for the clarifications. Especially regarding the splitting of keys. But this still remains open: Thank you.
  14. So if you right click that Program Guard item you don't get a context menu where you can select Allow and Trust (among others)? Or is that not available in the Free version? If that's the version we're talking about here seeing how AMD didn't bother with that detail. Free? Trial or Premium - Standard or Advanced mode??? FWIW, over the years with OA (since Tall Emu), I've found the Learning Mode squares away many a perplexing perplexments. Afterwards one can check the history and tweak the rules if needed. Well, depending on Free or Premium. As well Sandboxie ain't worth the mouse
  15. @Emsisoft staff I've currently reached an impasse in a ticket at helpdesk dot emsisoft. I am running OAP on two systems with keys expiring on October 24 and November 5. As it's been explained, if I purchase 3-PC OAP today, I will receive one key. If I install OAP on the third system today and activate the key on the other two systems on October 24 and November 5, all three keys will expire on August 6, 2014. Can that possibly be correct?? I am also left unclear as to if I would purchase three OAP today and activated only the two current installs on October 24 and November 5, they will
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