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  1. Thanks for the speedy reply! Compared to other venders' forum and email support I have found Emsisoft's to be stellar. As to my If one were to purchase a one-year license for OA++ within the next 4-6 weeks, could one expect the timely T3/A2 signature and .dat file updates as one is used to right now through to expiration next year? I will interpret your reply as a "maybe" but I'm thinking closer to "no." I would purchase a one year license right now in anticipation of my new laptop purchase in November if there could be some indication of continued T3/A2 signature support through that period. Otherwise, it's not the end of the world. As I have just purchased an OA Premium license, the continued support of timely database updates will be greatly appreciated. I look forward to giving Internet Security Pack a close look once Anti-Malware 6 goes public. Hopefully by the time I get that laptop... Best wishes and good luck to you and the all the Emsisoft/OA crew. No reply expected.
  2. WinXPproSP3-32; OAP; Firefox 7.0.1 I am trying to Feel The Love using Banking Mode but so far it's been pretty cold. Please see the attached screen shot. Trimmed for brevity, here are the copy/paste entries from the Firewall Log and ping returns: [TDI] TCP, Connect, -> [TDI] Passed according to banking mode E:\>ping -a Pinging updates.ikarus.at [] WOW: In taking the screen shot for this email, I just noticed the *.ikarus.at entry I created has vanished from the list! Banking Mode still seems to think it's there. What now? [TDI] TCP, Connect, -> [TDI] Blocked according to banking mode E:\>ping -a Pinging west01.us.nimbus.bitdefender.net [] [TDI] TCP, Connect, -> [TDI] Blocked according to banking mode E:\>ping -a Pinging OCSP.AMS1.VERISIGN.COM [] How is it *.ikarus.at is passed while *.bitdefender.net is blocked? Rather than re-re-learning that banking site I've obfuscated in the screen shot, I added that VeriSign FQDN as they seem to exist in a multitude of tree hierarchies. But that doesn't work. I thought of adding *.verisign.com but considering the behavior so far that might not work either. And wild carding VeriSign would defeat the purpose of the Banking Mode IMHO. Note that I had to create eight FQDN entries for the Firefox Perspectives add-on since *.networknotary.org caused problems. I had at first thought it was due to latency which might still be the case. Or not. The eight entries work just fine. Where am I going wrong? Hopefully it's just something so simple I'm just not seeing it. Thank you.
  3. I forgot to ask... When can it be expected that the Internet Security Pack will go Anti-Malware version 6? And again... If one were to purchase a one-year license for OA++ within the next 4-6 weeks, could one expect the timely T3/A2 signature and .dat file updates as one is used to right now through to expiration next year? Can one expect the same for OAP (sans T3/A2)?
  4. I am not convinced as to the distress-free interoperability of Anti-Malware and Online Armor Premium (Mamutu vs OA HIPS) regardless of the assessments of you fine folks at Emsisoft. I would rather wait out your re-development period with OA++ and evaluate your final new common code base for both which hopefully won't take longer than a year. If one were to purchase a one-year license for OA++ within the next 4-6 weeks, could one expect the timely T3/A2 signature and .dat file updates as one is used to right now through to expiration next year? Can one expect the same for OAP sans T3/A2? Thank you.
  5. Just the thread I was looking for! Wouldn't adding specialDomain.com work for all subnets in that doamin? Or would one need *.specialDomain.com? And *.*.specialDomain.com? And so on? Per the Web Help: Ignore Online Armor Domains List – Placing a check in this box configures Online Armor so that it does not use the internal list of known Trusted domains. Is that "internal list" internal to Emsisoft servers or what's in a2trust.dat (or other)? Is there anywhere one can view who the Trusted domains are? If one checks that box are the domains added by the user also not used? When in Banking Mode, are connections by Online Armor components to emisoft.com allowed (via the internal list or otherwise)? Thanks!
  6. OK. I've got Firefox set up OK again in the tower and laptop. Glad I didn't uninstall it from the laptop yet; I hardly use but I'll try and get to it as much as possible. I'll keep an eye on them. Cheers.
  7. Although I can't bet my life on it, I'm pretty sure I did not check current session when plugin-container popped up an alert. The only time I did that was when I went to a filestube dot com which likes port 8087 - a good test for my 80 & 443 only browswer rule (as is yahoo's Web Messenger, ports 843 and 5050, and 1935 popular with Flash servers). In the meantime, I've been using OAP trial on my ancient Dell P3 laptop (which I won't be licensing) that is similarly configured with XPsp3-32 as the Intel E8400 Asus tower which has been the center of discussions so far. The File entry for firefox.exe is gone also. On the laptop, I deleted both firefox.exe and plugin-container from the Programs list, opened Firefox (which was re-trusted) and re-ruled as needed it's now in the Friewall Programs list again. No activity as of yet for plugin-container. Per your suggestion, on the tower, I deleted the Ports rule for Firefox and rebuilt them successfully. But Firefox did not re-appear in the Firewall Files list. I will re-create the Programs deletion I did for the laptop. Attached is a shot from the laptop. I think this firefox thing is a bug; I'm hoping it doesn't happen with other apps.
  8. I have Automatically allow Trusted programs to access the internet and Autoconfigure trusted programs disabled in Firewall Options. I like to build my own. Firefox seems to have vanished from from the Programs list in the Firewall. It is still listed under Ports and the rules I built still work OK. Using Add, I select firefox.exe and... nothing. Since I noticed that, plugin-container.exe poped-up a "A program wants to use the internet" for port 80 and I created a rule for that. plugin-container does not appear in either the Files or the Ports list though I can observe it active on port 80 in Firewall Status. I haven't yet seen where other connected apps I've built rules for don't show up in the Files and Ports lists, but I'm just getting started. But the lack of access to the entries for editing is disturbing. Is this a GUI bug? Any ideas on how I can fix those listings for firefox.exe and plugin-container.exe? Thanks.
  9. catprincess, do you ever sleep? That goes a long way in helping me understand the Banking Mode. I was planning on purchasing OA++ only for my new laptop in November, but I'm liking it so much and the support here and @emsisoft I'm buying a key for the OAP trial I'm running now. Saying goodbye to an old friend, Malware Defender, is tough. But I'll get over it. Thanks for your tireless efforts.
  10. Online Armor Premium trial; WinXPproSP3-32... I am currently tunning the OAP trial alongside Ashampoo Anti-Malware 1.21 which as you may know runs the Ikarus T3 and Emsisoft A2 engines - a simpler but nearly as effective Emsisoft Anti-Malware from the perspective of on-access signatures and heuristic/lists (a2heur, a2trust & a2wl) detection. Being an expert long-term user of Malware Defender, when I determined the T3 and A2 combo to be a superior solution I chose AAM over EAM considering the latter's Manutu integration. In November I plan on a laptop purchase, leading me into Win7-64 for the first time on a system I own, on which I have decided to use OA++. I am trialing OAP as I did not want to uninstall my licensed AAM. I shut down Malware Defender and disabled its service, of course. I have AAM set to update every 20 minutes and over the course of several months observed updates occur at least 15-20 times a day, most of the time several will occur back-to-back or every other time over a period of a couple or three hours. Judging from that behavior and that 0-Day has evolved to 0-Hour, I maintain the OA++ one-hour interval is marginally effective against that threat vector. If anyone thinks a 20 minute interval is nuts, consider it's Ikarus and Emsisoft posting up the new data that rapidly. And it happens to be the default and unchangeable interval used by IKARUS for its virus.utilities AV. 1) Is there a command line (i.e. "oawhatever.exe /something") or a batch file that can be used in Scheduled Tasks to evoke the signatures and rules update? I have been running Emsisoft A-M 6 Beta on a test system. While it continues with the current T3 engine, the A2 engine is new (engine.dll in v5, a2engine.dll in v6). In separate correspondence with Emsisoft support I learned there are no plans to use the new A2 engine in a future OA++. 2) Considering OA++ is noticeably absent from the Emsisoft universe and featured only at Online Armor, can one expect updates limited to maintenance/patches and/or the abandonment of product development in the near future? I found that OAP was installed with about 14MB of anti-malware components including the T3 and A2 engines. They're all several months old have not been updated since the install. 3) Since OnlineArmorSetup.exe is built for Free, Premium and ++ installs by choice, are these A-M components vestigial or are they actually needed by OA Premium? Thank you for your time and patience in addressing my questions and concerns. Cheers.
  11. Well, if it was put there by Learn it would be more than an assumption that it's necessary. When taking care of business while in Banking Mode, having to discover one's online banking session is broken as a result of Domains configuration would seem to be a drawback. Not a big deal... I'd just have to forgo Banking Mode for that one small time financial institution. Thank you!
  12. From the Online Help it is my understanding that Domains is a component of the Web Shield. See the last sentence here: -http://www.emsisoft.com/en/info/oa/KF-Web.html- While in banking mode and connected to "TheBank.com," having been previously Learned, the domain "whatever.com" built and Trusted during that Learn is obviously Trusted. It is my assumption that once returned to Advanced Mode, when visiting "SomePlace.com" where "whatever.com" exists, "whatever.com" is Trusted. Correct? Thank you.
  13. Online Armor trial; WinXPproSP3-32... In Banking Mode when I use PayPal and my really-big-name national bank's online services I observe that Learn isn't necessary, nicely by design of course. As expected, I had to use Learn to build entries for my local nine-branch metropolitan credit union for the domain I added as Protected. It all works A-OK. Just for grins, uh, to expand my knowledge, I added the domain (Protected) for that national bank and completed a Learn. I was surprised to see a Trusted fls.doubleclick.net. Experiment over, I have deleted the entries Learned for this bank. 1) Allow for this discussion only that I did not delete those entries, once in the Advanced Mode would fls.doubleclick.net now be Trusted for all domains? Built for the local credit union is a Protected svrint-crl.verisign.com. 2) Should the credit union begin using another VeriSign subdomain (i.e. evint-crl.verisign.com), would that "break" Banking Mode for that credit union domain and require a re-Learn? Thank you.
  14. Oh... that explains the Emsisoft domain for this forum and the corporate logos up top. Just giving credit where credit is due; as I can recall the Banking Mode existed before the Emsisoft buy out. Cheers.
  15. Thank you for the fast reply! I know I was dismissing the Learn component in my strategy, but that oamine isn't a stand-alone proprietary Tall Emu browser answers my question. I have some questions about the Banking Mode which I'll post up under a separate topic here after I poke around with it some more.
  16. I'm running a trial OA And I have this proverbial dumb question: can't one just use oamine for secure banking from now on? Of course that would mean selecting Learn for the appropriate domain every time, but hey, from the times I've used Learn, I'm really liking oamine. Cheers!
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