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  1. Earlier this week I began to get an access error when running a backup of Firefox with MozBackup 1.5.1. When I inquired about the problem, I learned that this was a symptom of a virus and was advised to run a full scan. However, when I attempt to run either a Deep Scan or a Custom Scan with D: included, my computer crashes when the scan reaches the D:\ drive. No such problem with a Quick Scan or when I exclude D: in which case the results are negative for malware. Consequently, I reformatted D:\ and tried the Deep Scan again,,,but with the same results. Do I have a virus...or not? Laurie
  2. Will do the next time it happens...which is occasionally and without warning. I'm headed out of town so it may be a few days. Thanks for your promot response.
  3. HELP! In repeated attempts to (re)install Anti-Malware...actually to update the re-installation, a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) appears. No. It's not related to any program other than Emsisoft. I've already restored the computer from an image file made before this problem started...and now it's happening again. Please advise. Laurie
  4. I just ran a diagnostic on Windows 7 after it failed repeatedly to allow other computers to join my network Homegroup. I was advised to configure Online Armor to permit (stop blocking) the network settings...but I don't have a clue as to how to do that. Can someone provide directions? Laurie
  5. No...I don't know what Readyboost is. And yes: I have a couple of usb drives plugged in (back up drive and a VoIP dongle). I will remove them and see if the error reproduces.
  6. Apparently I am the only one this is happening to....and now it's gotten worse. The error message now appears not only for a2start.exe but for CCLeaner64.exe as well. I went to the site recommended ( http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-system/logonuiexe-no-disk-there-is-no-disk-in-the-drive/7a158e14-6a56-4bfd-b1b5-796c3ccea3b0 ) but it says: This issue occurs when all the following conditions are all true: • You have a removable drive configured as drive letter C. • You do not have a removable disk in the removable disk drive. I don't have a removable disk installed and if I did, it would not be configured as C: But I put a disk into the CD-DVD drive, rebooted and attempted the same operation; In this case, starting Emsisoft Anti-Malware (paid)...and voila! The same problem. So then I attempted to uninstall the Anti-Malware and then reinstall...but Windows 7 will not let me. When I ran a MS troubleshooter, I was told that Emsisoft is an "incompatible application" ... very strange since it's running perfectly on my netbook which also has Windows 7. Clearly there's either something I'm doing wrong or there's some kind of bug in the current installation or perhaps in my OS. Can anybody help? Laurie
  7. Am I the only one having this error? From time to time, an error message pops up on my screen on top of any open window (running Windows 7). Here's what it says: a2start.exe - no disk There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into \Device\Harddisk3\DR3. I am given the options Cancel, Try Again and Continue...but none works. I can't even close it in Task Manager. The only way I have found to get rid of it temporarily is to reboot. I have gone through all the steps suggested by Shadow Puter Dude in the "remove an infection" forum but found nothing. And I have Googled the issue only to find dozens of complaints like mine...but no solution. Furthermore, I can find no such drive in Device Manager. Can anyone offer some advice? Laurie
  8. Attached please find the log for the OTL fix. I had a bit of a problem running it: Shortly after it started, I got an error message that looked like the a2start.exe - no disk one but instead it said "OTL.exe - no disk" which froze the OTL run. As I was unable to close it, I opened Task Manager and tried end task. After clicking it 10 times, it finally closed allowing the fix to continue. Although my computer seems to be running ok, only time will tell since the problem I was having with the a2start.exe error was intermittent and unpredictable. If it happens again, I will advise you immediately. In the meantime, thanks so much for your assistance. Laurie
  9. I can't seem to determine whether or not the error message "a2start.exe - no disk" that keeps popping up and that I'm unable to close, is a virus or not. So just in case, I'm writing to request help. Please find the files requested attached. Thanks in advance, Laurie
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