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  1. Despite 'automatically allow trusted programs' being checked, every program I 'Trust' still pops up when a new port is used.
  2. I'll try a clean install. It's worth noting here (again) that I have an email and several posts in the Online Armor forums regarding Vista x64 and unless the support has since been retracted, OA supports Vista X64. I know, I asked before I bought in 18 months ago. Peter
  3. Went on holiday for 1 week with OA installed and working came back to rebooted system with no network access and X in network box. Restored to backup prior to holiday and worked fine with OA announcing new version downloaded - restart or later? Clicked restart and sytem restarted with no network access at all - no X in network box and OA asking for access by several programs which already had access. - clicked to allow access.. Stopped OA and network access ok. Firewall - Rules - Interfaces network card OK. Restored system and switched OA to manual update before new version dow
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