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  1. I have been testing other anti virus software, and it seems that the majority of them will automaticly remove the detected threats. I am really pushing for Emsisoft to add this option, you have no idea how much head ache's you would save me when I have to clean up networks. Thank you Caleb
  2. I understand it is dangerous, if you remove a false postive detection it might cause some damage to the OS or 3rd party software. All I ask is the Emsisoft design team takes it into account how I am using the product. It is deployeed into a business enviroment where I would rather have the program remove any found threats automaticly because the end users will not, no matter how many times I tell them to. And I can not be checking 500+ computers each morning to see if they got a infection or not. I am very impressed with Emsisoft Anti-malware as a Anti-virus and would like to continue using it but it is forcing me to use a command line tool when it has scheduled scans built into the program. And 10% of the time the command line scan will get hung up looking for D: or just wont scan after the update, leaving the black box up for my clients to find in the morning. If this option was added in all your team would have to do is mark it as use at your own risk, plus the False Postive list has grown since I've been using emsisoft. I have not seen it pick up anything past remote registoy's for dameware, which if you remove doesn't even matter. Thank you Caleb
  3. Yes i did see the option to contain it automaticly but if I am using scheduled scans I can't do that. Plus I have them being scanned each night. Touching every computer every scan would be impossible. Is this a option you can add to Emsisoft?
  4. I would like for Emsisoft Anti-malware to automaticly remove found threats, the only way to do this is use the command line scanner; Otherwise if you start a scan and dont check it till the next day any detected threats are just waiting or user interaction. Another reason is I have this software deployyed on a bunch of my clients and they will not remove threats or even notice emsisoft is open causing more work for me. Any ideas? Thanks Caleb
  5. This is what i get when trying to scan with enterprise HostJob[2] failed with the following message: FAILED to set scan settings (System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[A2Enterprise.Entities.Errors.ServerError]) at A2Enterprise.Tasks.HostJobExecutor.ExecuteOperationSteps(List`1 steps) at A2Enterprise.Tasks.HostJobExecutor.<>c__DisplayClass3.<Run>b__0() at A2Enterprise.Impersonation.Impersonator.Execute[TError](Action action, Entity entity, Func`2 errorBuilder, Identification[] identifications) at A2Enterprise.Tasks.HostJobExecutor.Run(Object state)
  6. Has anyone been able to get Enterprise to work? every client I've tried it one it will detect the computers allow me to select deploy or scan but fails within seconds. "saying access denied". I know i have all the domain name, user name and passwords correct. Any idea's? Thanks Caleb
  7. Aw icic, sounds good thank you for your time
  8. I dont know if you are still reviewing this post but what is ADS? and how would i turn it on? it shows up right below heuristics in the cmd scanner. Thank you Caleb
  9. Sounds wonderfull thank you very much Caleb
  10. cd C:\Program Files\Emsisoft Anti-Malware a2cmd.exe /update a2cmd.exe /deep /a /h /r /q=C:\Program Files\Emsisoft Anti-Malware\Quarantine /l=C:\SPC\emsisoftlogs above is my enite emsisoft.bat file that i target the install path is C:\Program Files\Emsisoft Anti-Malware, so far using the install path C:\Program Files\Emsisoft Anti-Malware i have had no luck getting heuristics to enable but if I use the EmsisoftEmergencykit scanner with C:\spc\EmsisoftEmergencykit scanner\run\a2cmd.exe /deep /a /h /r /q=C:\Program Files\Emsisoft Anti-Malware\Quarantine /l=C:\SPC\emsisoftlogs; It will enable on about 50% of the computers with the Emergency Kit, none with Emsisoft Antimalware. And it does need to be enabled other wise it wont remove the conficker virus thats flooding all my networks =/ Thank you Caleb
  11. Yes they are all running the same version number, and all the computers ive been trying this on are running windows xp sp3
  12. hay guys, i have been using the command line scanner with Emsisoft Anti-malware to automaticly remove threats with a schedualed task to run a .bat file. but for some reason Heuristics scan mode will not enable on over half the computers I run this on, same thing with Emsisoft Emergency Kit, here is the command I have been using; a2cmd.exe /deep /a /h /r /q=C:\Program Files\Emsisoft Anti-Malware\Quarantine /l=C:\SPC\emsisoftlogs This will enable heuristics on some computers and on others it remains off... Any ideas? Thank you Caleb
  13. I have 4 different networks with the virus listed below, your antimalware picks it up and removes it but it doesn’t prevent it from being pulled down, Also your scheduled task scans do not remove the threats automatically… please fix.I am still working on this issue but I was wondering if there was anything you would suggest, I have the file guard and behavior blocker enabled, with surf protection. These computers continue to get infected within a couple of hours of removing the conficker virus. Any idea’s? -Windows Firewall Group Policy forced enabled -Computers have all windows updates -tdsskiller all rootkits -Clean temp files -CCleaner reg fix/temp cleaners ^^Have all been applied to the computers and still remain to get infected Windows XP Pro in a work environment with multiple sites connected 120+ computers Thanks http://www.emsisoft.com/en/malware/?Virus.Worm.Downadup!E2
  14. Ok so I had to uninstall over 30 Online Armor's last night because they were locking up programs, I exported the rule listing and restored them to each computer but it acts like it never got the new rules restored, it still pops up even though I've clearly set a program to trusted, am I doing something wrong here or is there a preferred method for deploying Online Armor to a large group of computers?
  15. What is the difference between programs and firewall, ive added all the files for that program and it is still bugging my clients:/ also is there a way to export a trusted computer list? thank you caleb
  16. Yes that did help very much wow you just save me a lot of time=)
  17. Hi guys I have a program called Centricity on my clients computer, since ive installed this firewall it seems to take a bit longer to load all the functions of it so I would like to add all the files it uses to trusted in the firewall settings, you can do this one at a time and it is a big pain, was wondering if there is a way I can shift select or even select a entire folder to be trusted by Online Armor? Thanks Much Caleb
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