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  1. Hi GT500, Thank you for the quick response. I managed to rename the Installation folder: C:\Program Files\Emsisoft Anti-Malware >>>> to C:\Program Files\Emsisoft Anti And Windows boot up fine.....without doing a Blue Screen. The funny thing is, if I rename back to the original Folder name, i.e. C:\Program Files\Emsisoft Anti-Malware and run the Emsisoft and do a scan, it will load and do a custom scan, without any problem!! It is only when I reboot the PC and it will do a Blue Screen while Windows 7 is loading up. Bu
  2. Hi GT500, Thanks for your support and advice. I cannot access C:\Windows\Memory.dmp, because SAFE MODE is not working. Every time, I go into SAFE MODE, the Windows 7 will boot but then after a few seconds, the whole system will automatically reboot itself. Is there a tool that I can boot up using a USB thumb drive, and uninstall EAM? Once if EAM is uninstall, I can reboot the system, get into the Windows, save all my data. In the past I used Macrium Reflect to restore the Windows image, in order to get back into Windows 7. But I did not want to use this metho
  3. Hi GT500, I have Zone Alarm Free firewall + Emsisoft Anti Malware installed on my PC for a long long time(at least more than 3 years), both were running fine after every windows 7 updates. Except this time........... Zone Alarm Free Firewall version: is installed on my Windows 7 Pro PC. I have no idea, why Zone Alarm Free Firewall bundled up with Check Point SandBlast Agent. During the installation of ZA free firewall.........the installer did not show it will install SandBlast Agent. But this Sandblast Agent is confirmed installed and I don't kno
  4. Hello there, GT500, thanks for replying. Ok FRST program has finished running. Here are the 2 files attached. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. Hello, I am been using Emsisoft Anti Malware for a number of years............ No major hiccups........till this problem. I am referring to Windows 7 Update: KB4493472 https://support.microsoft.com/en-my/help/4493472/windows-7-update-kb4493472 https://www.ghacks.net/2019/04/11/oh-look-another-broken-windows-update-kb4493472-and-kb4493446-causing-issues/ Has anyone experiencing isssue with this update? My problem is after doing this update, my PC will have blue screen, which normally indicates Hardware driver issues, I spent days and nights, trying to fi
  6. Ok, the program did not generate the log file automatically, I have to present the report button, then export it to TXT file format. Please see the attachment. RogueKiller-P5KRwin7UltX64-05-03-2016-11.22am.txt
  7. Ok, here is the attachments. Ok, the major difference after the 1st fix, was the PC is more responsive, CPU is hovering around 50-60% usage. and the outgoing traffic is somewhat reduced, but outgoing traffic is still initiated automatically, see the picture attached below. My linux firewall- IPfire is allowing outgoing traffic for ports = 80(HTTP), 443(HTTPS), 53(DNS) and 123(NTP) for this PC = All other traffic Ports are blocked. But I feel some of the traffic are suspicious. For example, why is my PC is doing web browsing on port = 80 at WAN IP =
  8. Hello Kevin, Here is the txt files, I have attached. AdwCleanerC1.txt AdwCleanerS1.txt JRT.txt
  9. Ok, I have used the FRST64 again, and resubmit a new set of: addition.txt and FRST.txt. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. Hi Kevin, Thanks for kind assistance!!! Ok, I followed your steps above, and when I press fix button, it took only 1 or 2 seconds to complete. the FRST64 did not request me to reboot the windows system. But because I have installed a trial version of Emsisoft Antimalware, and it got updated to the newest software version, and prompted me to restart the system. Attached is the fixlog.txt file. The result is External Connection seems to be lessened, but still have a bit though, don't know whether is legit or not. Please refer to the attached jpg. Fixlog.txt
  11. Hello Emsisoft fellow members, I just noticed that my PC is infected with a Botnet. Why I said this, because I discovered someone is trying to do DDOS on firewall PC after reviewing the Intrusion Detection System log. For the past 2 days, I have been searching the net/ Google on how to fix it. But no avail. I have downloaded all possible antivirus/malware software available on the net, yet, there is no cure for it. That is of course, I even tried Emsisoft Antimalware. The PC is trying to establish external internet connection randomly, 24/7 non-stop. I have used IPfire fir
  12. Hi, I installed Online Armor on a remote PC via using VNC (remote control program). The remote PC is running on a Win XP Pro SP3 system. The PC is connected to a router on local network, IP = This is the internet gateway IP address. However, I did a mistake on that day, I went to the control panel of OA's Firewall setting, at "Computer" tab, A list of computer's IP and MAC addresses would appear on the right right of the control panel. I right-clicked on the gateway's IP address = (at the very top on the list), a context menu appeared and I sel
  13. Hi All forum users, I just want to know has anyone tried to install Outpost Security Suite Pro v7.5 together with Emsiosft Anti-Malware v6.0? In general, just want to find out whether both of these softwares are compatiable or not. If not, I will not install it on my windows XP PC. The reason, I ask this question is because, in the past, I a lot of problem with the Ashampoo Free firewall software, eventually, I uninstalled the firewall for Emsisoft Anti-Malware v6.0 to work- get virus updates when it is necessary. Thank you. Regards, Marcus
  14. Hi moderator, Oh well, I think, I am going to leave it as it is. Thanks for your help so far. I think I just going to do it the hard way I suppose, reinstall it with an image file. After all, it not that bad, just have to spend a bit of my time to install and upadate some of the new programs. However, I have to say that this is the 2nd time a delay problem I experienced, 1st was when I had the older version of OA. Unless, software developer can reproduce this problem, It will be hard to nail down the exact root cause. Thank you again. Regards, Marcus
  15. Ok, thanks, I will upload a screen shot for you to view later, when I am at home. By the way, what seem to be the problem. Any more idea? It happened the same with my PC at work, so at the end, I could not wait for a solution, I took the hard way, I reinstalled the my PC Operating System with an image file I backed up earlier. And this delay problem I had, just disappeared. Thanks. Regards, Marcus
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