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  1. Have exactly the same issue since the previous update that was supposed to increase the scan speed. It might affect both Win 7 and Win 10 64 bit as I am running Win 10 64 bit and the scan is now taking more than 25 minutes compared to less than 10 minutes previously.
  2. Steve1209, My UAC is indeed permanently disable as it is really boring me. So I turn it on but the problem is still persisting since I am not able to select the option Run as Administrator for those two files. Don't understand what is going on there.
  3. Have downloaded EAM_debug_output.zip and unzipped it. Then right clicked on eam_enable_debug_output but the option Run as Administrator is not selectable. That's pretty weird as it is working with almost everything except for those both batch file. Any clue? Thanks.
  4. Have followed instructions to create an exclusion for HyperSnap but the issue is still remaining.
  5. Yes that' it. Seems there is a conflict between the two software. When I take a screenshot the EAM tray icon is no longer responding and HyperSnap is also considerably slowing down. I am then obliged to exit HyperSnap and restart the software to get it working normally considering the EAM tray icon is no longer functioning.
  6. Hi, I would like to point out a small issue since the latest update. When I am using HyperSnap 7.25.04 to capture screenshots I noticed that EAM tray icon is no longer responding. Nevertheless I am still able to open EAM panel via the desktop icon. I have enclosed a screen of the panel where everything seem to be still activated except the tray icon. Would be perfect if this can be fixed in a future update as I am currently obliged to restart my PC in order to get the tray icon working correctly. Not a big issue though. I am running Win 7 64 bit. Thanks.
  7. I am unable to do so. Everytime I tried to change the settings from 4096 MB to 4608 MB the system told me that I am limited to 4096. I have to choose settings that do not exceed 4096 MB.
  8. Thanks. I have attached a screenshots of my settings. Should be OK.
  9. Sorry for this stupid question but where exactly can I find this pagefile size in my system properties? I have 4 GB RAM installed on my system. Thanks for your help.
  10. I have noticed with the minidump files generated after this issue crashes that some of them were also corrupted. Firstly I tried to zip the memory.dmp with WinRAR but the compression process hang at 40% everytime. Then used 7zip and it worked. I am going to reproduce the issue hoping that the memory.dmp generated will not be corrupted. Don't know what else to do on my own... Have you any suggestion to avoid the file corruption? Should take a while to complete that. I have totally disabled McAfee elements before launching the Anti-Malware 6.0 several times and the scan made my PC crashed
  11. I have hosted the memory.dmp zip file on megaupload. Here is the link to download the file: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WKDPJDD2 Hope this will help to diagnose my issue.
  12. Finally I managed to generate the full memory dump by using msconfig to switch from Minidump to the full memory dump. Is this method OK for you? Then I reproduced the issue by relaunching an Emsisoft Anti-Malware 6.0 scan. The scan started correctly but when reaching the 12th file I am unable to identify as it went to fast I have once again got a BSOD. The Memory.dmp is 1.99 Go and after compression it still weights 866 Mo. How do you want me to upload such a big size file on the forum as the max single size is limited to 100 Mo? Advise please. Thanks
  13. I am unable to download the file using IE8. Managed to download it using Firefox 7.0.1 but unfortunately can not unzip the download with WinRAR. That's not possible for me to provide you with the full memory dump. I am suspecting McAfee VS killing the content of the download as the site is considered as dangerous by McAfee Advisor... Just to provide you some additional info about my issue. After rebooting my PC and sending the windows error report to Microsoft I am automatically redirected to a page where they inform me that spooldr.sys. is involved in my problem. As a non IT expert I don't
  14. Hi, I am a licensed user and after the update to the version 6 I get the same issue whenever I tried to launch the scan whatever the mode selected. So Emsisoft Anti-Malware 6 is currently installed on my PC but not active as the first scan immediately crashed the PC with a Blue screen of death. My OS is XP SP3 up to date. Here with the file:
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