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  1. Thanks, ctrlaltdelete, for your replies. Since there is not a way to restrict what the new A2 ver 5 installs, I have found another solution that gives me the option of which modules to install. Hopefully A2 will bring back a version that is an on-demand scanner only, without all of the extras being installed on the user's system.
  2. ctrlaltdelete, Thanks for your reply. I had already noticed the following in the online help/installation instructions: Freeware license: All real-time functions are deactivated when you run Emsisoft Anti-Malware with a Freeware license. You can still use the program to manually check your computer for Malware and remove any infections. Since the selection of the license type occurs after the installation, my question is concerning whether there is a way to NOT install all of the parts of the application that I have no interest in using. So that my system does not accumulate unused and u
  3. I have been using A2 Free for quite some time as a back-up scanner. This morning after retrieving signature updates, I was instructed to restart A2 which I did, then I was give the option to update to A2 ver 5 and there was some mention of "Free mode". After indicating that I wanted to upgrade, I received a prompt asking if I wanted to remove A2 to which I answered "Yes" assuming that the new ver 5 would then be installed, but the installation of ver 5 did not occur. All of the information that I have reviewed on the site does not answer my questions. 1. I do NOT want any A2 ver 5 FW or oth
  4. Hachi' I do not understand how your answer: If objects can not be removed, I would do once scan one in Safe Mode. In my cases, the objects in Safe Mode can be away. in any remote way applies to my questions.
  5. I am using A-Squared Free version I have been using A-S for about 7 months. I run signature updates 1-2 time per day, every day. I use A-S for additional scanning, not on-access/real-time use. In the past couple of weeks, the size of the updates have increase significantly. Prior updates were 300Kb - 500Kb approximately. Of late, most updates are 4-5MB, with an occasional smaller update file(s) on the update gui. Is something new happening with the updates or is something possibly wrong with my A-S installation? Is there a method to refresh the entire signature database wit
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